Sep 02 2015

I am excited to see who the winners are for the different categories this year. DomainShane didn’t make the list for Blogger of the year even though he brought out the big guns (Me, Im the big guns!) this year. There is some incredible competition on that list. For anyone that doesn’t read too many blogs I would recommend every single one. You can see all of the finalists here.


Musicable.com Not a real word but still could be a brand. 19 years old

Musicable.com: $410. Brandable is all I can come up with too. cool name.

Foodeo.com Same here but with cooking as hot as it is I can see this being worth $100 or more

Foodeo.com: $545. Its a food rodeo!

TI3.com Love this one. 18 years old and under $1500 is a good buy IMO

TI3.com: $2,125. Terminator Intelligence 3. We could have over come #2. But 3rd gen? No chance.

RightPhone.com No bids. 11 years old. Two short, known words that I think would make a nice brand for $12

RightPhone.com: $125. Comparison site.

SCD.cc Doing very well. Keep an eye on LLL.cc domains. Moving up each month

SCD.cc: $355. Im keeping a weather eye out.

JS191.com Gambling domain. JSLLL with good numbers are all going for over $100 now

JS191.com: $698. But are they the selling to end users?

973388.com Under $50 isn’t a bad buy but I’m not real good on any 6N.com unless they end in triple letters

973388.com: $233 Hold it till you sell it.

TrueMediaConcepts.com 40,000 backlinks and what appears to be a true PR7. Thus all the bids

TrueMediaConcepts.com: $2,225. That’s a lot of backlinks.


ColorChoice.com I know its trademarked without even looking it up because I buy quite a few products with this brand. Great name and has age

ColorChoice.com: $219. Mulch?

400K.com 9 bids and will sell for less than 400K.

400K.com: $898. Man didn’t even break a k.

WCTP.com World Championships of Tibetan Pool. I love watching Tibetan billiards on The Ocho

WCTP.com: $530. LOL the Ocho. World Championship Tennis Pool. You combine pool and tennis. You hit billiard balls. It gets dangerous.

GameBlog.com Says what it is and what it does. Has bidders

GameBlog.com: $3,069 The video game industry made double what the movie industry last year.

K93.com Sounds like a radio station or a workout that I’m going to buy and do for two weeks and then never watch it again

K93.com: $2950. K9 3. a movie about 3 crazy K9’s.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

LaunchGate.com Decent startup blog name. I thought there wouldn’t be any bidders but there are

LaunchGate.com: Could be a business launching service too. I like.

925a.com I see these types of names gaining some value. i.e. going from no value to some

925a.com: Buy low sell for more and that’s a win.

NTFA.com Good acronym letters. A reason it was snapped up back in 2001

NTFA.com: I always like when they end in an A.

NGHD.com Great for selling NGs in high def. Yeah, I don’t know what NGs are either. 12 years old, 20 bids

NGHD.com: Night Goats at Home Depot, They are hiring goats to do the restocking at night.

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  1. ShaneCultra

    Thanks Aaron. I didn’t feel comfortable pushing for votes like many others because I don’t “blog” as much as I used to. I think we do a good job overall as a team. 3 heads are better than one. But how can you compete with such great sites as The Domains?

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Honestly I think it is up to the readers. A lot of times I don’t get through the really lengthy articles that some of the others write. That could be my ADHD or that I don’t have the time, probably a mix of both. I don’t think the amount of content so much matters. We may have not written as much as some of the others but we have a different piece that we cover. You point out domains that could be valuable coming up and comment about trends and such not just covering news. That kind of thing helps people become better in their investing habits imo. So next year we should promote it 🙂 because you and Aaron put in a hell of a lot of work and you deserve it. we do have some stiff competition though. Cyger should just have his own category for video blog. How can anyone compete with all the info he packs into each show?

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