DSAD: Shane’s Big List of Domain Auctions for Wednesday the 16th

Dec 16 2015


First of all, yes if you type Lardass into your iPhone it will automatically fill in Kardashian as soon as you get to the A. That question answered.  Back to the stories. This year I, really we, hit one of the milestones I had hoped for as a business owner.  We did 3 million in sales this year. Some people like to hide their sales but its on our tax return and it’s just a number.  The real data is what makes up those sales and even more importantly how did we get them.  But its still a number of proud of.  I wrote down many years ago that I thought we could hit 3 million and then 5 million at our one location.  The three we hit but the five million is going to take a little more infrastructure and staff.  We could do another million with some small add ons.  One of the best things about my business is the barrier to entry.  Buying land, getting staff, and growing the plants take a lot of money and time.  It would take years and years for someone to come in and hurt us.  We’ve already competed nicely against the box stores and another local garden center that added crafts and a few other stores to do $10 million in sales.  I love running a business. The operation and daily participation can be overwhelming, but the business decisions are exciting and real.  Real decisions, with real money, that lead to real consequences.  As much as I love domain investing, it’s a completely different beast.  And many people in it make 10X what I make with 1/10th the work I put in to my brick and mortar business.   Domain investing complements what I am doing as far as time.  I can spend as little or as much time as I want and it doesn’t interfere with my business.  If I don’t buy or sell any domains it doesn’t effect anyone but myself.  And with the responsibility of all the nursery’s employees that’s a nice thing. With as many hours as I put in to the nursery and to domain investing there are instances where I would much rather have my time than make more money.  Because having a few hours to do nothing is now just as exciting as reaching a major milestone.  Here are today’s domains. Click for current prices.
SickleCell.org  Effects hundreds of thousands of people each year.  The do org works perfectly for diseases. No bidders at $12, 19 years old

TVMax.com  18 years old and getting some good bids.  I think its OK but obviously others like it way more than me

RehabMaster.com  Sounds like a show that’s already on TV.  No bidders at $12.  16 years old

Persevere.net   You have to.  Or you could just curl up in a ball and go nighty night like I do some days.  Under $20 at press time.  16 years old

SuperBra.com  No bidders.  If you build this out let me know and I’ll help you choose models

LLPS.com  Good letters for the whole world.  Used to be owned by the Lexington Little Pony Society……and I made that up

JEP.net  Actually doing better than the above.  Another boat I missed.  I’ve missed a lot of boats these last two years

FitU.com  The price tells me the value is coming out of the fitness play, not the China side

KRGM.com  A CHiPity CHiP CHiP

NMHQ.com  HQ actually works in English for Headquarters

LDVD.com  I have been selling off my LLLL.com with V in them and almost every single one has ended at roughly $300. So their worth $250ish person to person (commission to sell).   This has DVD though which makes in worth zero more

SpinClasses.com   I had to put on my glasses to make sure there wasn’t a typo.  These are still done every day around the world for fitness.   Only one bidder at press time

TheThermometer.com  Only one bidder at $12.  At the right price “The” names have a good ROI.  This one is cheap so far

GCFZ.com  12 years old.  Don’t see many 12 year old LLLL.coms with Zs in them.  You do now though and they all go for $2K plus as of this week

80238.com  A 5N.com flanked by 8s.  You could do worse

DomainSuggestion.com  A few bids on this one.  I figured you guys would like this one for a site you’re going to pretend to build out but never will

MLKV.com   Ends today.  Should be getting close to reserve

Crackr.com  We still doing these types of name (not the racist part but the r at the end) I guess not, no bidders

164111.com, 467111.com, 454111.com   Three great 6N.coms with the triple 1s.  Even the 4s don’t stop it

1366.net  If this were a dot com it would be $30K plus.  5% makes it $1500 plus.  We’ll get there

DTTR.net  With the upswing in LLLL.com prices the LLLL.nets will follow.  This price is already higher than it would be last week

SHSKP.com , SHPKQ.com  These are examples of 5L.coms that start with country codes that are getting bid up.  Now crossing $100

Telesonic.com  20 years old.  Very cool sounding name.  And tele works for phone and vision

TRKW.com, GCFZ.com  Two final all consonant LLLL.coms.  Now you see why I use CHiP, so much easier

877385.com    I bid on 30 6N.coms yesterday and won all Zero of them

42473.com   Under $50 at press time

1802888.com  Are we doing 7N.coms yet.  I would imagine if we are then the 888 is where you want to be

HowToMakeCoffee.com  Yup, smarty pants, some people don’t know how

HowtoMakeIceWater.com  Just kidding but same crowd
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OutdoorLiving.com    Love the name, hate the starting price

eDigitals.com  eNames have traditionally done very well.  Getting some good bids and just crossed four figures

DreamCraft.com  Very versatile name.  Could be used for a lot of things but fits perfectly for Virtual Reality

NewProperty.com  Obvious use.  Marriage site

810880.com and 23 more 6N.coms in a portfolio     Can save some time and buy a group

STSX.com  My favorite LLLL.com at auction

MentalMedia.com  20 years old.  Media names always seem to get bids.  The kind of name that people pick to be their name rather than buy it after they have a name

WJR.net  Buy them and hold. I think you’ll do fine.  J doesn’t scare anyone anymore

Soundcrest.com  No bidders.  Brandbucket type name

ZFR.net   Every day there are three Z dot nets up.  I pick my favorite…..here it is

50miles.com Great name for ultra runners.  They tend to do 50 or 100 miles. No bidders

JG.com  Getting Wow bids.  Although not surprising at all.  Wonder if Namejet gets their regular commission

RS.net  Only at $10K at press time. Certainly worth more

VFVF.com  Even V in the ABAB is worth $8K plus right now.

DWND.com  Fantastic premium here.  These are the types of names I should have been buying a few weeks ago

SmartMommy.com  Love this one as a brand.  And Mommies like to be called smart.  Try it, it will serve you well

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. (if you have trouble with the contact form its [email protected] this domain name) I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good investments

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