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Finally Friday Domain Auctions and Drops: Free T-Shirt

It’s Friday and it’s time to have a little fun.  The names aren’t too bad today and the list is short but there are some great names coming through tomorrow.  To celebrate the weekend I’m going to give away another one of those fine Domain Shane long sleeve shirts from, China’s finest auction platform for numeric domains..  All you have to do is tell a joke in the comments.  The best joke wins. Of course I determine the best joke.  And please no “how much crack does Charlie Sheen smoke?”  If you tell that joke you buy ME a shirt of my choosing. Beautiful or lovely in Spanish.  A few geos or just a generic.   More people know this word than the word beautiful in California and Texas Must be Spanish day.  Columbians use this term for old ladies.  Also a geo. Most importantly it’s fun to say.  Coooooooo chaaaaaaaa You can say you own first dot org and not be lying.  Already at $725 Three letter dot nets.  Commodity domain trading at roughly $800.  (Data used for average price was pulled out of my butt) 300,000 searches.  I had to double check that number at valuate and even DropDay has it at 246K. And I thought I was the only one that collected these things Can be so many things.  An ear, nose, and throat doctor.  A place in Turkey. Or my favorite.  A big tree that walks around the forest and talks in a deep voice It doesn’t get more generic than this

And to prove that dot ws is absolutely worthless ……………… has no takers at $500

Also,  a really good name over at Bido……just kidding.

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  1. Joke:

    Georgie, a 90 year old man, was having some “difficulties” getting certain parts of his anatomy to rise up to the occasion. His wife suggested he go see his doctor, Dr. Finkelstein.

    He arrived at the doctors office, endured a short wait, then the doctor would see him.

    “What’s the trouble?”, exclaimed Dr. Finkelstein.

    Georgie explained the problem.

    “Hmmmm…very interesting. I’m not exactly sure what it could be. I think we will have to do some tests. Please take this jar and this magazine and do the best you can. You can just drop it off tomorrow.”, said Finkelstein.

    George replied through his toothless gums, “OK Doc, I’ll do my best.” And home went Georgie.

    The next day, George returned to the office. But alas, the jar was empty. Finkelstein immediately asked,” Georgie, what happened?”

    “Well,” said Georgie. I had a LOT of difficulty. First I tried one hand, didn’t work. Then two hands, didn’t work. Then both my feet and even my mouth. nothing. Then i called my wife and she tried, with both hands and no success. We then called the neighbour to bring over a special wrench. Nothing.”

    “Wow. That’s something Georgie. Maybe we’ll have to do ANOTHER test.” says Finkelstein.

    “Alright, but next time make it something where the lid isn’t on so tight.”

  2. Q. Why did the Football team coach give all his players lighters?

    A. Coz they lost all their “matches”

  3. Q – What is the difference between an entomologist and an etymologist?

    A – An etymologist knows.

  4. 1 Man kicked a mad dog 2 save a lady. A famous news channel covers the news.
    News reporter : “INDIAN SAVES LADY”
    Man – “I’m not Indian”
    News Reporter: “FOREIGNER SAVES LADY.”
    Man – “I’m Pakistani”

  5. Too late, but nevertheless…

    A guy walks into a bar, and sits at the bar. After ordering a drink, he notices a giant jar full of $5 bills sitting behind the bar. When the bartender returns with his drink, the guy asks him ‘Hey, what’s that jar about?’ The bartender replies ‘Here’s the deal, you put $5 in, and I’ll tell you.’ At first the guy thought it was stupid, but after a few rounds, he goes for it. After his $5 is in the jar, the bartender gives him the downlow.

    ‘OK buddy, here’s the deal. If you can do these three things, you get to walk out of here with this jar.’ He says. ‘Alright, what do you want me to do’

    ‘First, you need to chug this mickey of tequila and keep a straight face. Second, I have this big old mean dog out back who has a loose tooth, you gotta pull it. Third’ He says, pointing over to this old lady in the corner, ‘You need to make love to that old lady, she’s never known the pleasures of a mans touch.’

    Cringing at all this, the guy decides to pass. After several more drinks though, he calls over the bartender, and asks for the tequila. Right away, some of the locals know what’s going on, and start to cheer him on. The guy chugs it down like a champ, stone faced.

    Next he heads out back with the encouragement of the bar cheering him on. Suddenly, there’s a lot of mean barking and howling, followed by a swift and dead silence. The locals start staring at eachother, wondering if he’s dead out there. That’s when the guy stumbles back through the door and says ‘Alright, where’s the lady with the loose tooth?’

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