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My First BIN Sale at Afternic

My first buy-it-now transaction at Afternic was smooooooooth. One of my most pain-free sales ever. afternic

Sure, sure, sure, it sure took me a long time to get my first BIN sale, but that’s my fault, not Afternic’s……I chalk it up to my asking prices. (It of course can’t be the quality of my domains. 🙂 )

Some details on the domain:

  • .net of a “common” (depending upon your definition) last name, which was hand reg’d back in 2008
  • Sales price = low $x,xxx
  • Estibot stats:
    • Value: $540
    • Search engine results: 2.1 million
    • Searches: 3,500 per month
  • All major extensions taken, and the .com and .org are developed
  • LinkedIn Results: 600 people with the same last name

I set up around 100 first or last name .com’s and .net’s on the Afternic platform a year or two ago, and thought I had them all set on ‘Premium Promotion’ which would qualify for the instant transfer, but I accidentally set up a few as ‘Network Promotion’, which requires a manual transfer. In this case, the manual transfer took me less than 5 minutes at GoDaddy.

Outside of the initial listing set-up, the 5 minutes to push the domain was the total amount of time required on my end. It took roughly one week from Afternic’s initial email notification that the domain sold, to the receipt of $$money$$ in my PayPal account, and there were regular email updates throughout that week.

I had only received one other offer on the domain in the six years that I’ve owned it. The best thing about the timing of this sale is that someone with the same last name lowballed me last month for a couple hundred dollars, and I countered at roughly 1/3 of what I received from the BIN at Afternic (a lower price than I would normally counter at… part because I haven’t received much interest in the past, but mainly because I’ve soured on the .net extension). The offeror did not accept my counter, and then a month later it sells at Afternic for the BIN.

Thanks Afternic.

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10 Replies to “My First BIN Sale at Afternic”

  1. Nice, good going.
    That’s the second .net in a couple of weeks.
    You had the and now this
    Nice to hear.

  2. Perhaps one day, somebody will write a competent overview as to why one shouldn’t rely on what Estibot shows…
    Still, is there any other tool for giving just a hint about the value?

    1. Domains Gains, there have been countless overviews written for why no one should rely solely on an automated valuation tool. However, I love Estibot for the statistics that it kicks out quickly, especially for large groups of names.

  3. Congrats Aaron!

    I recently made my first sale over there for $7,500 (regged December 2013).

    My transaction was very easy and fast from start to finish.

    1. Thanks Ron, it sounds like the congrats are in order for you! 🙂 That’s a great sale on 12/2013 reg.

  4. I love Estibot, its a great tool. No automation tool is going to be 100% accurate, but it gives you a good feel of whether or not the domain name in question has some sort of value.

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