Five Professional Photographers Developing On .Photo Domains

Mar 18 2016

There are many photographers who have adopted .Photo domains, and this post takes a quick look at a five professional photographers from five different countries who are building on the extension. The screenshots are linked to the sites if you’d like to check them out for yourself.

FAL.Photo – This domain is a major shortener, from, and it’s the home of a couple photographers based in Mexico.


AgenziaBlitz.Photo – The home of a Varese, Italy-based agency.


Cabrera.Photo – This is an additional site for an individual with a site at, who is based in Spain. “I´m a profesional photographer since 2010.  I´m specialist in architecture, product, publicity photography.”


Fasching.Photo – the home of an Austria-based “commercial and corporate photographer“.


FYT.Photo – FYT in this case means Follow Your Truth, which is based in Pontiac, Michigan. “FYT is a dynamic photo/video duo focused on adapting to our clients needs by crafting content to build brand identity.”


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