Flippa – A Look Forward: BONS.com, RUUR.com, Terror.com, More

Oct 31 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Payment.io – There a bunch of payment startups, and .io domains are loved by many startups.

ThinkUp.com – It’s not a phrase I use often, but bidding is solid. It was previously developed, and has an Alexa rank around 1.0 million.

Favoring.com – Other “-ing” sales on Flipa recently include Congratulating.com at $760, Welcoming.com at $2,000, and Crying.com at $5,150.

ZEMG.com – Bidding is still below the wholesale price of LLLL.com domains as I type this.

Reserve Not Met

BONS.com – A pronounceable LLLL.com, or per the listing, it means “good” in French.

Terror.com – Over 110,000 searches per month, per Estibot. For a commercial application, maybe the future name of a game or movie?

Portfolio of 294 Domains – Including Fouls.com, 2NU.com, AVVX.com, and more. When I see the following in the listing, I just assume it won’t sell, “The reserve is high because the value is much higher.”

A couple that have been up before, but I still like them. I just hope their reserves are coming down.

And, a few LLLL.com

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