Flippa – A Look Forward: Carlsbad.com, WoodlandHills.com, eStocks.com, More

Dec 19 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Termz.com – The “z” isn’t my thing, but they still seem to sell well.

BankGames.com – Doesn’t sound too exciting, but I know they have bank-related games online.

JQII.com – The double “I” will probably get it above the average wholesale price.

Reserve Not Met

Carlsbad.com – A nice California geo with good demographics.

WoodlandHills.com – And another, this one just outside of Los Angeles.

eStocks.com – This “e” domain has been around the block a few times, and sold for around $13k a few months back.

TW6.com – LLN domains have been doing well.

3Q.com – But NL domains of course have been doing even better.

Sausage.com – Been up for auction a couple times.

Electronics.org – The extension doesn’t necessarily fit the keyword, but I know there are uses I’m not thinking of.

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