Flippa – A Look Forward: ERL.com and PaperCup.com Hit Reserve. DOJO.com, UYR.com, More

Oct 17 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

ERL.com – I’m looking forward to seeing how a nice LLL.com will fare in auction. This domain is owned by a big consulting firm named GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc., and I believe they picked up ERL.com from a prior company acquisition. This LLL.com hasn’t been traded back and forth amongst domainers for years.

PaperCup.com – Unfortunately, the prior buyer at $7,500 flaked out. Bidding this time around is significantly lower as I type this, but hopefully moving higher.

CRYD.com – A CHIP and quasi-pronounceable, though it doesn’t pass the radio test.

Textbook.io – It seems it’s required to list at least one .io domain on this list each week.

HD.city – It’s definitely the first time a .City has made this list, and I’m surprised by the pricing. There is no indication in the listing for what annual renewal costs are.

Reserve Not Met

DOJO.com – An excellent martial arts name, an upgrade for a bunch of sites, or just a great CVCV. Getting really nice bids.

2130.com – Order matters…..Devoir Funches of Flippa just sold 0123.com for $252,500. The same numbers, but in a different order, are still worth a bundle.

UYR.com – I believe I saw this one on NameJet recently and it didn’t sell, so it’s all about the reserve.

Victimize.com – I’m not sure how I’d use it, but one word .com domains sell regardless.

Nicknames.com – The name has been up a time or two, but I still like it.

Terminals.com – Same as Nicknames.com above. Perhaps the seller is more motivated this time around.


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