Flippa – A Look Forward: Feel.com, ASZ.com, WMD.com, Suga.com, Cabs.net, More

Apr 13 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Hundred.net – We all know numerics are on fire, but how about when the number is spelled out? I have no idea….but for a .net, it’s doing better than I’d expect.

Bells.org – I doubt there is an organization of bell enthusiasts, but when you have a keyword with over 30,000 searches per month, there is at least some value in the .org. Personally, my one-track mind can only think of Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery when I hear ‘bells’…..their IPA is incredibly tasty.

FileBackup.org – Big CPC, but in .org again. Nearly $20 per click, per Estibot.

CyclingJackets.com – Product .com domains have been hammered, but there is still some value here. 2,900 searches per month and $1.32 CPC per Estibot.

Cabs.net – Nearly 15,000 searches per month. The .com appears to have started development and then stopped.

Reserve Not Metfeel

Feel.com – Love this name, and the bidding shows that plenty of others do too. Development could go many directions.

ASZ.com – LLL.com at Flippa have been doing really well.

WMD.com – Second (third?) time around for this domain…..it’s a nice one.

Cellophane.com – Product .com with over 40,000 searches per month, per Estibot.

Suga.com – CVCV.com are moving up in price, and frankly, I’m not very good at valuing them. If I were the owner, the domain would have already met reserve. This one sold for $7,400 in 2012, per NameBio.

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