Flippa – A Look Forward: FreeTime.com, Polka.com, Routes.com, LAA.com, More

Jul 18 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Jimmie.com – This one has over a week to go, but it’s worth a mention early because it’s a popular first name with no reserve.

GameRanker.com – Review site?

100 Geo Domains – All .orgs, including BrighamCity.org, Cusseta.org, and more. Most appear to have populations between 5,000 – 20,000.

88.cash – If any .Cash domains have any value, you’d think this one does.

MR.bio – Similar statement as 88.cash.

ZOBA.com – Excellent pronounceable LLLL.com.

And a few other LLLL.com:

Reserve Not Met

FreeTime.com – Heck of a name, as it’s a two word combo that everyone has used before. Seller states they have owned the domain for the past 20 years, which is also a big positive.

Polka.com – Excellent brand, though some may struggle with spelling.

Givers.com – Another nice one word .com. Sold for $3,650 earlier this year at GoDaddy.

Routes.com – The one worders keep coming…..bid at $10k, BIN at $60k. Sold for $50k back in 2013.

LAA.com – I believe this one has been up a time or two without selling.

3J.org – Nice character domain.

BestInsurance.com – Already has a solid bid.

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