Flippa – A Look Forward: HFO.com, Tablets.org Hit Reserve. BabyBottles.com, 5.uk, Gap.org, More

Feb 15 2015

Reserve Met And Will Sell

HFO.com – Good letters, which means the price goes up from here. Per the listing and a look at old screenshots, the site was previously developed by a company providing risk management services.

Tablets.org – A dot orgtablets with a commercial term (typically), but when Estibot shows nearly 550,000 monthly searches with a CPC over $3.50, the .org has a bunch of value. BIN of $25,000.

TouristForums.com – Travelers like to talk.

Airfare.to – .to for Tonga. Airfare.info sold for $765 in 2012, and Airfares.ws sold for $900 in 2011.

Overpopulated.com – One word .com’s always sell, regardless of the ending…..-ed, -ing, etc. BIN of $2,500.

600 Domain Portfolio – Lots to dig through with this big of a portfolio…..perhaps you can find a few gems.

LRC.net – It’s currently a good deal, considering the letters.

Reserve Not Met

5.uk and 5.co.uk – 8.co sold last week for $115,000 or so, if memory serves me correctly. Not too often that you see single number domains.

BabyBottles.com – Nice shippable product domain, with a CPC around $2.

Gap.org – The listing talks about ‘gap insurance’, which frankly I’ve never heard of, but based on the search volume for the terms, I’m in the minority. Just don’t try to sell clothes on the domain.

Postpone.com – Not sure how I’d use it, but if you’ve got a long enough holding timeframe, someone will start up a product/service with the name.

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