Flippa – A Look Forward: IOJO.com, ITMagazine.com, 18468.com Hit Reserve. CUZ.com, Negatives.com, Hacked.com, more.

Nov 23 2014

Reserve Met and torrentWill Sell

ITMagazine.com – Upgrade name for a few domains/sites. IT = information technology, or the object…..”making it”, “review it” and “nail it” are all real magazines.

Torrent.biz – Torrent.org sold for $11,000 in July of this year and Torrents.com sold for over $100,000 last year, but this is the .biz we’re talking about…..bidding is under $200.

IOJO.com – Sounds fun. For all you LLLL.com lovers.

Bean-Bags.com – 22,000 searches per month, per SEM Rush, with a $1.45 CPC. That pesky dash really impacts the value; bidding is still under $100.

18468.com – If 5N’s are your things…..this one has two 8’s and is under $10 at press time.

Reserve Not Met

Negatives.com – Future photography site? Not everyone is a fan of digital photography…..

CUZ.com – Bidding is over the $21k the domain hit in a prior listing….currently at $23k, and the seller said in their comments that the next bid will hit reserve.

OahuResorts.com – Decent search volume: 1,300 per month at a CPC near $4, per SEMRush. OahuTourism.com, OahuShopping.com, and HonoluluTourism.com are also included.

Waster.com – Not exactly sure what I’d use it for, but dictionary .com’s are worth consideration.

Hacked.com – Hacking prevention is big business.

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