Flippa – A Look Forward: Matt.net, VUM.com, Weights.com, BYE.com, other names from Eric Borgos and Anything.com

Jun 09 2014

We’ve decided to split the weekly Flippa post into two: a recap of sales, and a look forward at interesting auctions coming down the pike in the next week or two. The look forward will include a range of name types and values, some of which have met reserve, while others haven’t.

Reserve Met and Will Sell

  • Matt.net – Hugely popular first name. Auction ends early tomorrow morning and bidding is currently at $4,300. Interesting to see the owner of Matt.com says he has turned down offers up to $250k.
  • PPC.io – I’m not an .io kind of guy, but that doesn’t matter…….io names have been selling. Bidding at $2,950.
  • Dollars.info – The .com sold for $650,000, and the .tv sold for $1,150. This .info will fall somewhere in between…..bidding currently at $3,850.

Reserve Not Met

  • .LY Portfolio – 240 domain hacks, such as Social.ly, Free.ly, and Year.ly. Personal.ly, I’m not a hack kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for them…..similar to the .io domains. Bidding currently at $52,100. Per an interview with the seller, “I have sold 23 .ly domains for over $235,000, including local.ly [which sold for $100,000 in 2011].”

Some Shorties

  • VUM.com – Currently at $6,200. Per the listing, “The reserve is set to a low and fair price (the highest offer I have received so far).
  • OPK.org – If you’re into LLL.org’s…..bidding at $15.

It’s interesting to see that Anything.com, owners of one of the best portfolios in the world, is testing out the Flippa platform with a few names:

Eric Borgos, who runs the EXCELLENT blog at Impulse Corp, has a few domains being brokered on his behalf:

  • Weights.com – Mr. Borgos picked this domain up for $32k back in 2012, and said at the timeWeights.com is a good name for a site about weight lifting or fitness, and those are high paying keyword topics in Adsense. Or it would be a great name for one of the hundreds of companies that makes weights to own. I don’t want to get into the business of manufacturing or selling weights, but there are plenty of companies that already do that. I mainly bought it because at the $32,000 there seemed like little downside risk, but lots of upside potential.
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  1. Tory

    Fantastic idea. Really enjoy the back-story on the domains and Flippa listings. You and Shane are doing great work!

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