Flippa – A Look Forward: Nachos.com, Weed.in, AAV.net Meet Reserve. Poker.guru, SEO.io, More

Jan 04 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sellnachos

Nachos.com – Big name that has hit reserve and bidding has crossed the $10k mark.

AlaskanWilderness.com – Not a ton of value, but I’m a big fan of Alaska……..a couple days backpacking in Denali National Park was amazing a few years back…..perhaps you build this domain out as a travel guide if you’re passionate enough about Alaska.

Bariatricians.com – A physician in the field of weight loss. Bidding below $100 for this 14 year old domain.

Weed.in – Pot names are huge…..though I don’t know the legalities of it in India. Auction ends soon.

AAV.net – A nice LLL.net.

Reserve Not Met

Poker.guru – I’m not a big gTLD guy, but I’m curious to see what a big term such as poker will go for, in a gTLD that kinda sorta fits.

NewYork.cab – Can’t believe this hasn’t hit reserve.

Gift.info – Big keyword, combined with the .info extension that has done well on Flippa.

SEO.io – Techies seem to like some of the .io domains, so this one is approaching 5-figures, and has a BIN of $30k.

Left.com – Back up for auction, after reaching $51,000, but not hitting the reserve in the first listing.

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