Flippa – A Look Forward: OLED.com, LLLL.com’s Hit Reserve. JUP.com, HiddenTalent.com, More

Dec 21 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

A couple LLL.org: WIE.org and BAQ.org. Neither will make you rich, but they’re both liquid, and they’ve recently seen an uptick in value.

KY4.com – Even with the 4, it’s over $500.

208 Domain Portfolio – Bidding in the four figures. Nothing in particular catches my eye, but you may find the hidden gem.

ePorns.com – I don’t buy adult names, but many do, and have done well with them.

OLED.com – Although an LLLL.com, it deserves its own listing, as it stands for ‘organic light emitting diode’, and bidding just got into the 5-figures.

Some other LLLL.com Domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met

JUP.com – Pronounceable LLL.com with a BIN of $66,666.

CreditCollections.com – I don’t love it with the “s” at the end, but you can’t argue with the $8+ CPC.

R62.com – Still in the 3-figures, so has some room to run up.

XQQT.com – Double Q’s are loved.

YEFT.com – Pronounceable LLLL.com; not sure if that means it’s worth more or less than a CHIP.

HiddenTalent.com – Popular phrase with over 12,000 searches per month.

hidden talent

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