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Reserve Met and Will Sell – I can see this as the future home of a hosting company. This one is being sold by Dan Gessler, who was the original creator of DN Forum. I get a chuckle looking at the formatting of old DN Journal posts, such as this one from 2003 that mentions Mr. Gessler. – A solid price on this non-techy .io domain. Seller mentions the nearly $1.2 million sale of awhile back. – Bidding is below the wholesale price as I type this. – Not a ton of value, but maybe a car or horse enthusiast will buy it from you some day.

Reserve Not Met – Popular phrases have been selling really well. This one is developed in several extensions. – Poor Chris (.net) has been pimped in the forums for awhile with no success, so now they’re trying another platform. – Domain investors will love these letters. – I like the name, but let’s hope the reserve is more realistic than the BIN.

A couple from the same seller:

A couple being brokered by Devoir Funches, who recently made headlines when he brokered for $252,500:

Domain Spotlight: