Domain Spotlight:

Flippa – A Look Forward:,,,, More

Reserve Met and Will Sell – The .io domains with good keywords continue to chug along.

Portfolio of 6N Domains – 24 of them, and all start with a zero, and include a 4. – I’m not sure of the value of short one word .co domains these days.

Some Domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met

1,000 Domain Portfolio – Examples include,, and more. – Wine in Italian? Upgrade name for loads of sites. – BIN is rich at $69k, but hopefully the reserve is more reasonable. – Two weeks to go on this one, but a killer name. – Sounds like the name of a sad clown. – Two letters with meaning. – A great .net domain, which you can probably get for significantly less than you would have a few years ago. – Bidding is doing well, having just crossed the 5-figures.

Domain Spotlight: