Flippa – A Look Forward: VUM.com, Sadly.com Hit Reserve. LAA.com, WEE.com, MAJ.com, OYY.com, more

Apr 05 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Sadly.com – One word .com’s do well. Sadly, I don’t have enough one word .com’s.

coleco visionVintageGaming.com – We had a ColecoVision when I was younger.

VUM.com – Will be interesting to see how high this one goes….bidding currently around $13k.

MMAEvents.com – They continue to be extremely popular.

A.et – ET = Ethiopia

PeanutButter.net – Loads of search volume, but the .net extension has its price under $1k. The .com promotes the Skippy brand.

WebsiteScripts.com – Lots of providers of website scripts out there…..this domain has crossed into the 4-figures.

BuyShares.com – Financial & stock domains have high CPC, but this domain is doing much better than I’d expect. Looking good for the seller.

Reserve Not Met

LAA.com – At $20k, and I’m guessing it has a ways to go before hitting reserve.

WEE.com – LLL.com being marketed by Brannans on the Flippa platform.

OYY.com – The third LLL.com with a repeating letter.

MAJ.com – Nice CVC LLL. Just cracked the 5-figures and moving higher.

TechBlogger.com – Too generic? TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Engadget….

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