Domain Spotlight:

Flippa – A Look Forward:,,, More

Reserve Met and Will Sell – Looks like this one sold for $2,500 in 2015 at Flippa, and bidding is currently a small fraction of that figure. – Fits the techy types of names that have predominantly been selling on the .io extension.

Black.Car – If I remember correctly, this one has been listed a few times without hitting reserve, but the reserve has been met this time around.

A few domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met – Really high CPC in the payday loans space. With the words reversed, sold for $4,100 in April 2016. – Can’t go wrong with a if you pick it up at the right price. – Incredibly popular term these days. – Lots of big companies in this business, and it’s going to take a corresponding big checkbook to buy it.

Portfolio of 310 Domains – Names like,,, and many more. The BIN scares me.

Portfolio of 25 Domains – Examples include,, and more.

Domain Spotlight: