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Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales MarketPlace Goes Live

Domain Name Sales has done it again.  The Domain Name Sales Marketplace went live today and for those of you looking for information, you’re going to love it. Transparency at it’s finest.

The other day I was doing a little research for the story I wrote about my traffic and I came across a crazy url as a referral.  When I checked back to see what it was, I stumbled across a page of scrolling information, sold domains and live domain bids coming thought.  It didn’t take long to figure out it was the mastermind of none other than Frank Schilling of Domain Name Sales.  There was a little chatboard and I left a little message to Mr. Schilling know what I found and left a “Shane was Here” . It didn’t take long for Frank to email me and let me know that I was free to play but not to talk.  And play I did.

My favorite part of the site lies to the left. A live update of domain inquiries coming through and sold domains.  The numbers aren’t exact for privacy reasons but having information about what domains are selling for and what domains are getting bids is priceless even if the numbers aren’t exact.  I can’t think of any other company that has this type of transparency.  It even shows recent whois searches and recent domain searches.  Again data that is very informative to those trying to figure out what people are looking for.  DNS is capturing and broadcasting live the behind the scenes inquiries and transactions of his business for all the world to see.

Another interesting, and I imagine controversial, part of the site are the quality scores they give for all their domains.  I only say controversial because I can guarantee that others will critique the scores given and say that some deserve more and others less.  I give this answer.  Do you really think, with all the data that DNS has that they can’t give out some pretty accurate quality scores?  While I imagine the algo can be wrong now and then, I am not going to be the guy that tells Frank Schilling he doesn’t know how to grade a domain.

The final part of the platform is the ever popular chat.  I have a feeling that this will have to be adjusted a bit or it’s going to turn into the biggest cluster/spam board ever without some kind of monitoring.  If it were an “invited guest only” board it would be nice but since the masses and the BullS’ of the world can go to the platform it could get ugly.  Other than that possible flaw,  I’m looking forward to gaining more information to make myself a better domain investor.  Knowing what sells and for how much is information that in the long run will make you a better buyer and seller.  And if you do that well enough, maybe Frank Schilling will let your names be a part of the data.

To see it in action you can go to DomainNameSales

Edit:  Frank Schilling emailed me to let me know that spam should not be an issue.  To quote “The postboard module is pretty advanced..  It should hold up to the spamming you describe.  This is the first social network for domainers.  You will get email telling you when folks respond etc..  of course that can be disabled” I should have known better to think that Frank wouldn’t have thought things out

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  1. Shane….let frank know that is the first social network for domainers….:)

  2. Wow this is so cool. Just took a look and there is ALOT of useful/cool info for domainers.

    Schilling is the man.

  3. This has great potential
    The ticker tape that is similar to the stock trading world is very much needed
    It could be cleaned up a bit and I imagine it will evolve overtime
    Nice Post

  4. Great post ! I have a feeling that because of open chat board on the site, that it will become one of the most popular places for domainers to mingle as well as wheel n deal!

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