Friday’s Big List of Domain At Auction or Dropping Around the Net 3-2-12

Mar 02 2012

You may not have read it on the blogs but yesterday I was awarded the prestigious Domain Mathematics Award.  I’m sure you’re asking why I received the award this year or maybe you’re just wondering if that award really exists.  Well I assure you it does and I was awarded the medal for “First use of the ∞ symbol in a domain blog headline”.   Also known as the “Option 5 on a Mac” award.  I’m pretty sure this should translate into some award at TRAFFIC because of my recognition.  It should be a good fall.  Now onto the names. This one is going to go for big bucks but I think it has resale value under $8K.  Now that Rihanna is back with Chris Brown looks like she is letting this one drop.   Love it.  One of my favorite names from Snap this week. Pretty sure every town has a radio station with these same call letters.  Or at least it seems like it.  I have a lot of “m” type names and they do OK.   I usually sell one a year that pays for every name I buy plus a little extra for a new pair of shoes. I love shoes.  Not good posters, GREAT posters.  I guess they must have the Cheryl Tiegs poster or something. Three letter dot org. Z is not the most desirable but I’ve always had a crush on the last letter of the alphabet. Pretty much says exactly what it does. Sure there is a little trademark issue. Heck the word Find might have a trademark.  I think I heard this from my Mom a million times as a kid I’m not going to lie. I like fashion week. I could care less about the clothes though. It’s about the ladies that care about the clothes.  My rapper name in 1987, also how I smell now.  10 year old domain  Not a bad for $5K.  Maybe he wants more but I think that’s the general area he’s at.  Sounds better than HD.  Classier  I was going to get it because it has no bids but I’ll give it up to be nice today

Special thanks to DropDay and for making this list possible. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you have a name up for auction and would like to feature it here on the list.  Drop me a line.

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