Friday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping 1-27-12

Jan 27 2012

Here we go again.  Another rough day of names.  Remember you don’t have to spend money.  Just kidding we have to spend a little each day but let’s not spend too much on these.   Not the cream of the crop.   Tough picking today.  Here you go. Be Careful.  PS if you really want to screw up your day, buy one of those Facebook typos.  Great numeric.  I see $2k a coming.  I always tell me daughter this is what she needs.  In reality, probably more what I need but isn’t that what parenting is?  Teaching them to be the person you wish you were.  Some think wolf, some think football.   I think reindeer.   No bids for obvious reasons but it IS a 13 year old domain  The pay per click gets your attention and the X wows you.  Here you go.  Put Fusible out of business.  Blogging, the only industry in the world where a business model can be built on getting up before everyone else.   Anyone else used to spend two week with their face buried in the Guiness Book of World Records as a kid. Then I would spend the next two days trying to think which one to break.  Help them set a C corp up.  Still not sure why people pay so much to start companies whose name begins with a C.



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  1. Domain Crusher

    I’ve found that quality domains come in waves, with each platform having it’s own flow of waves. Between these waves is the backfill and swill domains.

    If you can hold on to your money until the waves hit, you are better off. If you spend your monthly spending nut on mediocre domains you end up regretting it.

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