Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-11-12

May 11 2012

Ahhhhh.  My first day off of the year.  It feels so good.  I needed a battery recharge and it was obvious in these posts.  The links were messed up and sloppy.  But when you are writing them while falling asleep, mistakes are bound to happen.  My daughter is in the track state championships today and tomorrow.  I’m proud she’s in them as a 6th grader (she’s in for pole vault and a few other events) but she’s competing against girls two grades higher so it should be a day of setting new goals rather than accomplishing them.  Now on to today’s names.

HouseMortgage.comI knew this one would go for a ton of money. I actually thought it would be higher at this point. I’m sure it will run at the end a few thousand more

Woosy.comWoosy, booty. I see a theme in the names I’m bidding on.  Nice call to action.  Great typo for which I’ve never been to a few hundred times.  12 years old and no bidders  Fashion and design is cash money. Plural available as well   Great name.  Not going to go cheap. You may have to settle for

SeniorCellular.comI imagine it has HUGE buttons and a very good speaker  Its what all the 23 year old girls call me.  That and “creeper” and “dinosaur”  I’ve done many of these over the years looking for a little help watering the plants.  I will be a bidder here  These things used to be worth thousands, now high $XXX  Although I don’t think the mobile wallet that catches on will be called  These are doing very very well. Trust me I know, I’m usually the seller.  Not here but I wish I was

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