Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-15-12

Jun 15 2012

I’m having a pretty good week. My auctions have been going pretty well and I picked up a great name AB dot org for a very fair price.  Going to wait a little while and then try to flip it for a little profit.  I’ve been selling my names to buy higher quality names.  Kind of a crazy strategy huh?  Selling off hundreds of decent names to buy a few great names.    Of course I’m still buying every I can find that is below $700.  I find that since I am a fast payer and a safe buyer since some people actually know me, I get some good deals.   Here are today’s names.  A little better than a few of the lists earlier in the week.  Bidding already up to $38,000  People love these types.  Especially China  A few three letter dot coms up for sale and I’m thinking they don’t go for as much as the last batch.  Worth a watch  This one will show us what the bottom price of a is Thought for sure this would be more than this. I like the name AND represent it as well Memorable because it’s wrong. Not a ton of value but for $12 it’s a good buy. Disk gives this a defined use and think makes it sound smart. Perfect, cheap brand  The backup part is awesome, the pc?  Not as strong  I bet this gets a bunch of typein search.  It’s the correct way to spell shirt. One of the best directory names I’ve seen in the last few weeks. And no bidders  As a man that has actually attended them, these are catching on.   Only two bidders  I almost left this one on because it’s a tv channel in many countries.  Could be some legal headaches. Other than that I love it   I worked at a greyhound race track when I was in college and the the adopt a greyhound was just beginning.  Not as big of a deal as it was before because there are hardly any greyhound tracks left anymore.  With no bidders its a great name and if nobody takes it, I will.  I’ll just link it to all the organizations  Great blog name. I’m thinking of switching to a new genre. Everyone is Moming it up, time to show that Dad’s can be cool too  I think proxy server when I see this one  Sell it to .lawyers Hosting just $1.99/mo! - 468x60

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