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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping

I missed a bunch of great stuff this week by being busy.  Adam Strong tried to get a few of us together to go down and have a little fun this week and most of us bailed on him.  He showed us all by getting great seats at the World Series for next to nothing.  Seats so close to Warren Buffet he could throw popcorn at him.   Teaches us to bail on him.  Bastard.  Everything he touches turns out great.  And yes will be no different Easy to remember and 1999 Birthday.  The world’s first public thank you site. Keywords galore and nice paying at that. Dropping and would be a nice addition to your portfolio  Like yesterday.  I don’t usually recommend but this one is the best of them.  No bidders I don’t trust the net.  I keep my money in an old Prego pasta sauce jar underneath the baby eagle’s cage in the basement. Good luck finding that.  You have a better chance of catching fish with a leaf rake. Sounds official right off the bat.  Then you can sell those addicts all kinds of shit. No bidders so maybe it’s not that great of a plan 5700 members but now defunct site. 1994 domain.  And ironically my nickname in 1st grade.  Not good at staying in the lines but I could color the hell out of a Starsky and Hutch picture I feel like I should be buying a jacket there right now The ultimate stalker email

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  1., and are nice ones and have potential for development. Anyways thnx for showing these names in the article.

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