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Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-27-12

I’m going to give anyone that is thinking about starting a blog a little advice.  Don’t do it unless you have thick skin. People WILL make fun of you. Correct every mistake, call you out, and dislike you for no good reason.  They will especially get on you when you write a post that is one line long and post it on the feed.  So if you want to be reminded of your faults., write a blog.  They will also put some reality in your world.  Because much of what they say about you will be correct.  It’s only that the truth hurts. I use it to learn.  I’m old enough to know what is true and what is not.  Lecture done, here are today’s names.  Please click through, I need new carbon rims on my bike.  By the way….FBI Contacted I would not be surprised if this hits $3500 Dot org could be even better than dot com here. We all will live on space stations so you might as well buy the domain  Not my area of expertise….Ok it is, I’m guessing lots of 80s music I love that 50 cent song “I’ll take you to the label shop”  You don’t know the word and yet it will be the highest price paid of anything on this list.  Learn Chinese.  It will make you millions. Yeah…I don’t know what it means either …but I know I want to own it  Popular last name Good real estate name  Thought I would throw this guy a bone.  He’s on DNF selling a pretty nice name.  Looks cheap to me and I’m not a 3D fan  14 years old.  Urination how to? up as well  No bidders on this 1998 domain I love leasing machines. Not any particular machine, any machine will do 7 year old Great fail type name for only $10 Deal of the Week! – $4.95 .COM! Offer expires 7/31/12.

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4 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-27-12”

  1. Shane,

    Screw the haters.

    You’ve got a big fan in St Louis. I appreciate what you produce, so thanks.

  2. Shane,

    I just read your article. Thank you for acknowledging in to your list. This domain is now in the traffic.

    by the way, down the road, I will be looking forward to return your favor. You are not just a nice guy, but doing this so, you have shown that you are one of a few domainers who are ready to help your fellows.

    Once again, Thank you!! Big one!

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