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Friday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Well the Epik discussion went well yesterday and I think the conclusion was that people are happy and feel they are getting a good return.  I appreciate all the responses and it always helps to hear other people’s opinions on things.  I didn’t find a ton of names I like today but here are a few HUGE cpc of $15 and 33,000 searches.   Nice name Yet another 5L that will go for thousands.  Old domain (1991) is a major reason Name says it all.  Would be good fit for me This should be the name of some of the aggregating sites out there I feel like there is a 15 year old out there that I could sell this to

If you didn’t find a name you liked make sure to check out to find more

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6 Replies to “Friday’s Daily Domains Dropping”

  1. lowest mortgage rate has an exact match of 1900 local (us) and 4400 global
    not 33,000
    a domain like this developed would generate about 10 leads a month worth about 350 bucks.
    I wouldnt pay more than 10k for this domain

  2. IMO…..the drops are really getting bad after a great run from Jan. to April.

    The drop lists are sucking everywhere for the most part. There are still some fantastic domains, but they are much less frequent now.

    I’ve always thought at some point these lists will become almost worthless to work over, I’m just wondering when.

  3. Hi,

    I am wondering whether you could elaborate on how you use Valuate statistics, exactly? Obviously it’s pretty hard to evaluate a domain based on that tool alone. I have sent a more detailed question via email.

    Thanks always for the great info!

  4. Hi Shane,

    How much do you think will go for? 107 bids so far. Brian K. was saying 10K? I’m not sure about that one….

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