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Friday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

I’m sure you read my post yesterday about donating $500 to young kid from Hong Kong.  I’m now over it and focused on three things. I have a speech on Saturday I have to give, I have the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, and I have to somehow make $500 quickly.  Now onto the names and have a great weekend. It’s one of those names that someone give a place to make it sound real rich and wealthily (I’m now using that word because someone on dnforum is selling that domain as I think it sounds cool). I see this going over $8K.  Anyone want over or under? Looks like the world douche bag association is getting rid of their domain.  A very nice I don’t like the name but I laughed when I saw it.  What’s better than 24 hour flowers?  Why 25 hour flowers What am I missing?  I think this is going to be commonplace soon.  A steal with no bidders The CVCV (kinda) that domainers eat up &  Not a big guy but a heck of a lot cheaper than the dot com If you’re looking for a direct path to hell I suggest you take a look at this domain

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  1. Threre’s a sucker born every minute……. you just get sucked, luckily just small sucks than a big bite.

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeers, money goes and money comes.

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