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Friday’s Daily Picks from Today’s Auction and Dropping Domains

Finally I’ve got my list back into shape this morning. Back in town from a brief trip to Oregon. I really need to get myself a jet like Frank Schilling because these 3 day trips to the west coast kill me. For a guy that never travels that my 8th trip out west this year. Sorry my list were a little weak but hotel rooms, and iPad, and a few dinner cocktails don’t lead to the finest lists. At least I didn’t pull an Ashton Kutcher on my wife. Spanish words are way undervalued.  Companero is friend or person of equal value. aka why all the foreign diplomats can drive drunk and park in the handicap spots with no repercussions. Certainly worth $14 Great name but have no idea of the price.  Much rather have the plural.

If you are into three letter dot co this guy seems to have quite a number of nice ones (no he didn’t pay me, just pointing them out for you) Hard to monetize.  On a side note, I have abs that are quite normal Pretty low CPC but 3500 searches and present price is only $35 Illinois is landlocked but we still have plenty of boats.  Despite the lack of the ocean, people around here will put a boat out on anything.  They’ll tie 12 boats together in one of those overpass lakes and have party.  You can see the girls’ boobs from the onramp.

Domain Spotlight:

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