.Global Is Giving Away Domains This Holiday Season

Dec 01 2015

That’s right, free domains.

.global domain giveaway

The .Global extension is giving away one premium .Global domain name every day this month until December 24. You simply need to visit xmas.global and answer the current day’s question (no research required!) in order to be entered into that day’s drawing.

“This Christmas, Santa is giving away .GLOBAL Premium names! There will be one valuable .GLOBAL Premium name given away each day up to Christmas Day. Just answer the daily question to go into the daily draw. There are $50,000 worth of .GLOBAL premium names to be won!”

The first domain they’re giving away today is Housing.global.

In addition to the domain-a-day giveaway, all entrants are also entered into the December 25 drawing for an Apple iPad Pro.

You can check out the details and enter for yourself here. Good luck!

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  1. Brad Mugford

    Per their TOS –

    “d. Dot Global will pay the registration or transfer fee for the premium domain name for the first year up to US$150. The winner will need to provide Dot Global with a copy of the invoice for the transfer and their valid PayPal account details. Dot Global will refund the transfer fee with 20 days of receipt of the invoice.”

    So you have to pay for your “prize” ahead of time, then wait for a refund. That is more like a rebate than a prize.

    “e. The winner is responsible for any further renewal or other fees associated with the premium domain name. ”

    You “win” a one year registration, then if you decide to keep it you are stuck with a “premium” renewal. Not much of a prize.


    1. Post author

      How much for the premium renewal? Without knowing the cost, that feels a little like complaining about having to pay an $8 renewal rate on a domain you picked up from GD using a $0.99 coupon code for the first year.

    2. Michael B. Halvorsen

      Hi Brad

      Just a clarification. .GLOBAL Premium Names does not renew at premium price. All .GLOBAL Premium Names renew at regular registration fee. Typically the renewal fee is priced between US$50 – US$100 per year, depending on the Registrar.

      Transferring the premium name from our inventory to a sponsoring registrar will incur a cost for the registrar and the registrant. We offer to cover this cost so the price is free for the winner year one.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards,
      Michael B. Halvorsen, EVP
      .GLOBAL Registry

  2. Jason Franklin

    Brad, good call, owning it for a year, could give someone the incentive to start a ecommerce or online business on it, that could possibly generate enough income to renew it, but the renewal rates even for “premiums” are just out of most individuals and even starts ups budgets. Yes it is less appealing that the winner would have to renew at a premium price. As much as I respect all the new registries, it’s still hard to believe the registries are doing the premium pricing of the $x,xxx or even $xx,xxx amounts. I would understand maybe $xx up to low $xxx but coming straight from the registries at such high premium prices seems unfair for the market / aftermarket and interrupts the natural flow of supply and demand that would be created in the aftermarket with some of these names.

    1. Post author

      Jason, is your rant about .global or new gTLDs?

      Re: your “unfair” comments on renewal rates, consumers get to vote with their pocketbooks —– they buy if they think it’s a good deal, and if not, they don’t have to buy…..

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