Going to Be in Laguna Beach Next Week

Aug 05 2010

I’ll be heading to Southern California for a week next week so if any domainers want to get together for a drink one evening or day , let me know.  I’m going to try and hook up with Morgan, Jason, Oscar, and Ron if at all possible so if anyone wants to put something together or wants to head to the beach I’d love it.

I’ll be there on vacation.  I’m going to try and not work much at all but I’d still enjoy meeting a few people I don’t get to see very often.  I’m going to try and forget about real life and have a nice relaxing time. Of course I still love to get a great workout each morning.  I try and swim a couple miles in the ocean or run in the hills.  I’d love to go for a nice long run and talk domaining if we have any domainers that want to meet for a morning run.  I’d be up for long bike ride as well but you better have two bikes as I’m not bringing mine this time.

I’ll be in town starting Monday so email me if you live in the area.  I may try and make it into LA for a day to visit my friends at break.com but that is not set in stone but I could be convinced.

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  1. Kevin M.

    I may also make the drive down for a drink(s)at the St. Regis. (LA would be better! 😉 ) Maybe we can get Bob to buy (all night?), and Mike always has some good cigs to puff on. Send me an email also.

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