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Happy New Year: Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, January 1st, 2021

I’ll start the New Year with a story I wrote on the plane on the flight back from NY. I literally wrote it as it was happening. Here it is in its raw form. No rewrites, very few changes. I was listening to a Jerry Seinfeld talk about writing and decided to do a little bit each day. Here’s one hour and yes I was sober

The cat was definitely going to be needed at some point on the flight.  Ironically more for the people around the owner than the original intent.  Based on the meowing, I think the emotional support cat on the plane also needed an emotional support pet. Although I’m not sure what the next level down in support pets are from a cat.  

I am usually good at putting a story behind the people sitting near me but this one is going to be tough.  They are louder than anyone on the plane.  In the first five minutes before we even took off, they got the old turn around and stare by most of the passengers.  You know, the turn around that cracks your back you turn so hard. Hips still in place but shoulders completely rotated.  There has to be some peace in not realizing there is anything or anyone around you.  The couple was not a couple, I would imagine sisters.  Hard to gauge age with masks but I would imagine early 60s but I’m probably wrong.  Wrong because one had a child.  I assumed it was a Grandma Granddaughter flight but the girl called her Mommy.  Unless she had the kid at 56 I’m wrong or she’s adopted.  Yet the grandmother tag became stronger and stronger as the flight passed.

The stories were loud and detailed.  The flight was from NY to Chicago so home base was definitely one of those places.  A Chicago accent and an upstate NY accent can be similar so I had some deciding to do as far as their ancestry.  The story from her sister was of her stay in a hotel room for 2 weeks.  My ears perked up.  2 weeks sounds like quarantine and I’m on a plane.  Nothing like a good Covid story while in a cigar tube with 40 of your non closest strangers.  But it wasn’t that.  She was training people for a new Dictaphone product launch.  I don’t think those four words “New Dictaphone Product Launch” had been uttered since 1978.   If I wasn’t on a plane without Internet I would have Googled that immediately. Is Dictaphone even around?  This has to be a decades old story and I missed the setup.  But she told it like it was yesterday.  Her product group was a separate group from Dictaphone and they preferred she have the meetings outside the corporate office so they wanted it at a separate location.   And that’s where the story ended.  No more details, no description of product.   What was dictaphone’s hottest new product launch that took 2 weeks of training of sales people?  We are either going to find out in a few weeks if the story is current, or find out what happened 30 years ago.  

The story was interrupted because little daughter/granddaughter wanted to watch a movie. They watched it on a tablet that wasn’t like any tablet I’ve seen.  Too big for a phone, too small for Google Apple Kindle.  Was this Dictaphones new product?  Maybe there’s a market for that last size of video screen.   Evidently this new product focuses on speaker qualiity. While it doesn’t seem have a headphone jack or bluetooth, the speaker played loud and clear for everyone on the plane to hear.  Maybe this was part of the product launch.  Let everyone on the plane hear the great speakers.  

Using their gift of not being distracted by their surroundings, the sisters began to chat.  Or rather complain about everything.  Still not enough detail to help me choose a city.  One didn’t feel real well.  A little nauseous from the smaller plane.  So they began to barter their snacks.  “If you give me a pack of those peanuts I can give you these crackers” said the sick one. While there is probably a “this is better for plane nausea” scale I would have put the crackers above the peanuts.  I also would have had to double the crackers to peanuts ratio based on the current price of nuts.  But desperate times call for desperate action and in this case she had to give up some currency to settle the stomach.  

Ding!   She calls for the attendant.   Oh no.  The peanuts didn’t do the trick and she’s seeking help.  “Where is the bathroom?” She asked.   “You can use the same one you used before” the flight attendant responded.   Evidently Grandma/Mom thought that she got to use a special bathroom the first time and that this 38 seat plane had two bathrooms. As I turn my head to laugh and look, her mask is off and she’s still eating peanuts.  She’s literally lost 30 years in age with the mask off.  A complete opposite to 90% of the world who get considerably less attractive and older in full face. I had already pictured who that voice belonged to and its not her.  It immediately looks like I’m watching a dubbed foreign film when she talks now.  It doesn’t match but now she’s definitely the Mom.  I’ll validate that birth certificate now.  And the cat has been completely quiet.  I’m removing my application for the emotional support mouse. 

I’ve also figured out the relationship because her Mom cashed in the cracker credit and lifted the veil of agedom. She’s 1000.   She also let her daughter know the Dictaphone pad or DPad as I now call it, was starting to startle the support cat.  A cat that I presumed had died because it had not said a word in an hour.   And finally New York.  They’re from New York.  How do I know?  The pencil test. You hold a pencil in front of their lips and have them say “COFFEE” Old New Yorkers say “Cawfee”. Because the lady asked if she could have some of the coffee in a to-go cup. Which was a tough last request for the flight attendant since at no point in time had she served any coffee. Looks like someone is not going to get their caffeine for their upcoming Dictaphone meeting in Chicago.

Domain of the Day: Easily the most memorable name on the list today. A bit odd for a brand name but its possible

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Remember to click the links to see the current prices and if you are going to pay for a name do it while visiting It pays for the gas to run the ship. Names at Auction or Available for Pickup It’s a one word and pretty appropriate to the times Huge keyword, small tld Would love to own the dot com What you hope to reach when you’re out to see for a while This is crushing it. Such a powerful word

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction This could be a good buildout. Reserve is reasonable IMO No bidders . The key to looking good and Magic Reggae name 25 years old. Taken in 28 extensions Find the suggested retail price Going to have to outbid Drew Rosener after it being on the Sherpa show

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the board today. 3 very nice LLL.nets expiring today This is the other but 1/3 of the price This one is even less I hear people talking about trust score a lot and how to give that out. This fits that concept You get a good media name and its being watched by angels. Will cross $2K by auction end IMO Cannabis acne remover Pretty sure they play golf in the UK Sounds like a parking company in the 2010s Adding the I saves you six figures Irish porn site Wrapping cars and trucks have replaced painting Yoga names sell great at wholesale. Not so much at retail I would eat there for breakfast Can name your bike company Oxygen and Be the next StickerMule Wow is a good branding term IMO Taken in 43 extensions and used in some form in 205. Big numbers We still doing CBD? My favorite group in the 90s. Angel’s voice Looks like a bad authorize spelling but could be a car name Could be a lot of other choice just like this. Also not taken in any other extensions. So OK but not great. Good 5N. And its a name which helps its value Big fan of Psilocybin micro dosing. But nobody can spell it

Backlink and Juice Names 25 years old and the big price is coming for the backlinks and juice. Was a computer peripheral device maker…..twice Nice name but not as nice as the price. So its got to be a backlink thing

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The Rest of the Godaddy Domains with Bids

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