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Hate to Beat the Godaddy Groupon Deal to Death But …….

We’ve all been reading about the awesome Godaddy Groupon deal that’s available for the next day and a half but here are some info I can share after buying the coupon and using it today

1.  YOU CAN use all your Godaddy coupon promo codes with this deal.  You can use the 99 cent codes, the renewal codes.  All of them.  I used three different types of codes and they all worked.   The result was a lot of free money

2. YOU CANNOT use more than one code on your account PER CITY.  You can use as many different cities as you want

3.  YOU CAN transfer them. I’m not saying that Godaddy will condone this but I see no way they could stop it or even tell if you have.  I see a lot of these being sold on the forums and ebay.

4. There are still plenty of cities with Groups left.  Here are some that still have coupons left.

Plenty of Cities Left HERE


I promise not to talk about coupons or Groupons the rest of the week 🙂

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14 Replies to “Hate to Beat the Godaddy Groupon Deal to Death But …….”

  1. Question for either Shane or Acro, is this just for dot coms? or other extensions as well? I looked at the voucher and couldnt really find anything on it.

  2. I think people are creating multiple accounts with Groupon by selecting different cities for each account. I haven’t tried it because my country isn’t listed in it.

    Let everyone knows if this works for any one 🙂

  3. Just picked up the $25 voucher, I am not a big fan of the .cc extension at $40 a pop but if I can get a few dropped names at a fraction of the normal cost then I am in.

  4. GoDaddy is reversing the groupon credit if you used the coupon to buy domains. check your accounts.

  5. Wow, hope this isn’t true, but wouldn’t be surprised. I’m saving too much money for their taste.

    Please confirm said reversal — and what about transfers or new reg’s? Do they bill full amount (am using $1 codes), or do they just un-register everything?

  6. They didnt unregister anything, just billed my CC for full amount. I had to call in to get them to fix it. Could have been a “glitch” with the coupon I imagine, who knows. I have used another $30 coupon since without issue and usually have no issues with GD otherwise… Happy new year!

  7. Finally able to get some REAL discounts renewing after a couple of years of nothing but increased pricing for renewals but 99 cent coupons galore with purchases. Finally the domainers that like to renew win!

  8. Multiple vouchers and account credit rescinded — it’s happening to everyone…Guess it was too good to be true (at least, the stackable-per-one-account method, which is what I did)

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