Heritage Auctions Decides to Sell Some of their Coin Names…And They’re Damn Good

Mar 05 2018

There’s nothing hotter in the domain sphere than crypto names.  And before crypto coins there were just coins.  And who is the king of the rare coin auction market?  Heritage Auctions.  They have been buying coin names for their auction house for years.   Aron Meystedt has run the domain investing side of the business and he pointed out to owners that they were sitting on some pretty valuable names and has convinced them to sell many of the names.   So here you go


This was the email from Aaron with the names and a little background

Again, these are all Heritage owned names. We have owned most of these for many years. Some would be amazing brands for ventures – I put the ones I like in BOLD.
All are prices based on the opportunity in the crypto space – but also based on the traditional coin market – of which Heritage
sells more coins annually than any other firm globally. Many of these are owned to block competitors in the traditional coin markets.

CoinAuction.com $80K
CoinLoans.com $150K (start a crypto lending platform. The Domain Capital of the crypto space)
CurrencyAuctions.com $80K
RawCoin.com $3K
RawCoins.com $3K
JewelryLoan.com $50K (not crypto but a great name)
CoinConvention.com $100K
CoinConventions.com $100K
BuySellCoins.com $2K
CoinAuctions.com $80K
CoinFind.com $20K
CoinInvestments.com $50K
CoinProgram.com $10K
CoinPrograms.com $10K
CoinQuotes.com $50K (give Coin Market Cap a run for their ‘digital’ money)
CurrencyAppraisal.com $20K
FractionalCurrency.com $40K
MyCoinPrice.com $2k
ParamountCoin.com $5K
ParamountCoins.com $5K
SellMyCoins.com $2K
CoinAppraiser.com $2K
CoinClubs.com $20K
CoinLists.com $20K (the plural version is for sale at $275,000 by another seller)
CurrencyAuction.com $80K
HCoin.com SOLD!
HCoins.com $7500
HeritageCurrency.com $10K
MyCoinValue.com $5K


If you would like to purchase a name you can contact Aron HERE

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  1. Joe

    What did H Coin sell for? Did they publish a BIN?

    I was fortunate to pick up a few kw+coin domains before the crypto explosion; inquiries often.

    I’m sticking to a $10k $15k minimum, if the market picks back up higher IMO depending ont he kw of course.

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