This week we’re taking a look at something a little different — it’s not full fledged development examples on the new gTLDs; instead, we’re looking at some big companies that are using their new G’s as redirects to existing sites. For the growth and awareness of the new G’s, it’s not as beneficial as stand-alone sites, but it’s certainly a start, especially if you start to see these in any marketing campaigns.

Amazon.BlackFriday – Believe it or not, it’s officially fall already, and the holiday shopping season isn’t that far away. Amazon redirects this domain to a Black Friday-specific page on

Amazon Blackfriday

Target.BlackFridayThis domain is redirected to the homepage.

Target Blackfriday

Amazon.Christmas Similar to above, this domain is redirected to a Christmas-specific page of the site.

Amazon Christmas

Ebay.Cars – Like Amazon above, Ebay redirects this to their car-specific page:

Ebay Cars

Porsche.Cars – This domain is redirected to the homepage.

Porsche Cars

Amazon.Cars – This redirects to the Amazon Vehicles page, which was just launched last month.

Amazon Cars

Opel.Auto – This German automobile company redirects the domain to a specific page on their main site:

Opel Auto

Citroen.Auto – This French car company redirects the domain to

Citroen Auto

Amazon.Reviews – Amazon is trying to show a sense of humor with a specific page for ‘funniest reviews’, which is where this new G is redirected. As one example, an actual reviewer included the following for a gallon of milk, “They really need to put a warning label on this thing. Apparently, if you put it into your body, it turns into urine. Urine!”

Funny Reviews

Not to be left out, I included a couple screenshots from domain companies below, where they redirect new G’s to the appropriate domain registration pages.


GoDaddy Click

GoDaddy Pics

Network Solutions Cars

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11 Replies to “How Companies Like Amazon, Ebay, Porsche and GoDaddy are Using Some of Their New gTLDs”

  1. Hello Shane,

    Yes its obvious that there are numerous strategic routes to .COM Equimoditties Profit Centers. Considering that other parasites such as SEM Marketing Strategies Target the all important .COM Profit Center Master destinations. We pause with this comment to reflect on whats really important, in the big picture.

    All these strategies are completely dependent on an Economical Destination that leads to .COM Equimoddity Profit Centers Destinations. So our question is why would you want to own and Control the New Gtld Intermedairies ?? whose sole Economic Value depends on the .COM Equimoditty Center ?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

  2. Good insight towards the new g’s being used as redirects and advertising purposes along with SEO too I’m sure.

    Many new sites are being launched on new gTLDS but they do also provide additional ways for established sites using .com etc. to create sweet redirects for advertising, or SEO benefits.

    1. Yes GTLDs are redirects (SEM SPAMMING TOOLS)
      Here is the cache 22, These NEW GTLD SPAMMING TOOLS are virtually Worthless OUTSIDE SEM Traffic Stealing Maze. New GTLD Spamming Tools are only worth looking at if you are an Advertising Hack, looking to bury End-Users. JAS 9/24/16
      Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

  3. I like that more companies are investing in new gTLD’s for the marketing angle, but would like to see more development on them, rather than just redirects. It’s a given that many are just for brand protection, however, I think that they could step it up a little by at least putting a unique landing page on the new gTLD and then provide navigation to the main brand site.

    Using the new gTLDs in their ad campaigns is great for exposure and will surely pull in more registrants of new gTLD’s. It would just be more of an impact for the consumer to actually see them developed rather than redirected.

    1. Won’t ever happen, cuz the new G’s suck weenie dogs. No company smart enough to get through their first year of business will ever want to use them.

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