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I Don’t Need to Know That These 10 Things Will Probably Happen This Week at the Domain Blogs

Francois has had the nightmare that all website owners dread. His site went down. While we all look forward to getting back up and running, here are 10 things that happen so consistently that we don’t need to know what’s going on.

1. I am going to talk about how busy I am, running, the nursery, and make some stupid daily list of half good, half bad names along with a few jokes.

2. is going to spoof something, write something based on Greece or religion, and then BullS will comment.

3. is going to use big words, write like a real journalist but most certainly will be about ICANN.

4. Fusible will reveal that some video game company has registered a domain name for the 7th new game in a series

5. is going to have a list of Godaddy list that is a little better than mine and comes out right after mine no matter what time my gets posted so he gets the last cookies.

6. Morgan is going to use the word amazing and game changer.

7. DomainNameNews MAY post something this week. You have a 20/80 chance

8. Hybrid Domainer is going to put up an infographic

9. Toronto Domainer is going to continue to write his intro to Domain Investing one post at a time

10. Jason Thompson is going to have another good article go unnoticed because he isn’t on the feed (although moot at this point with it being down)

Of course I’m just having some fun and all the blogs listed above are some of the best around.  I truly enjoy the sites and the people behind them although I don’t really know much about the Toronto guy.  And yes, I enjoy the blogs I didn’t make fun of like TheDomains and ElliotsBlog  .  I just couldn’t find anything to make fun of.

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15 Replies to “I Don’t Need to Know That These 10 Things Will Probably Happen This Week at the Domain Blogs”

  1. Nice post, Shane, all great blog. BTW I can’t help but notice how frequently Morgan uses the word “amazing” 🙂

  2. 11. Eliot is gonna start with something he got emailed about and tell us about his personal life..

    12. TheDomains will continue posting really interesting domaining things. As well as the weekly DN sales of sedo and afternic and this one moron will comment that some LLL .co went for too low and he rejected made up offers..

    13. DomainNameWire will keep us updated on UDRPs and what companies bought which domains

    14. DNJournal’s weekly domain name charts and The Lowdown posts will be the highlights of the week anyway.

    15. RickBlog is gonna tell us how is smashed the brazilians again and again, starting with “Morning Folks”..

    16. DNFBlog will spam with 50% crap and 50% informative things.

    and we’ll call it a week

  3. Mike Berkens well spell something wrong inn a headline again butt knowbody will care

    Elliot will post about any random company and some dbag will come in and tell him that he’s a shill and should stop writing advertising posts.

    Domainshane will try to be funny and post a bunch of domains that are dropping . . . dude they are dropping for a reason.

  4. LOL 🙂 And Rick Schwartz will write a 200,000 word entry about how he envisioned Pinterest and Instagram 15 years ago.

  5. And, of course, many other “bloggers” publish a ton of crappy posts but nobody will know because their feeds have been blocked long ago.

  6. I think Eliot is going to advertise again someone business and at the bottom everyone can read that nobody paid him for that.

  7. Very entertaining post Shane and so true. I must have missed it on publish date. Ha, I can’t help but post after you when you publish at 4am my time.

  8. #17. i don’t need, period.

    how bout that!


    all u chumps lumped together in the agg, who can tell who knows what and who knows nothing?

    maybe JT is doing it right


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