I Would Never Do Business With CuttingEdgeDomains.net, GuardNames.com, Aiaart.com

Feb 22 2013

I have never received so much spam mail in my life as I have regarding the name beakos.com.  The name is similar to a name I own and is in the redemption period.  There are companies that see these names and try to presell them, namely to people that have similar names.  Many of the emails are from different email addresses and from different companies.  To save all of you time and for all the people searching on Google.  I recommend you avoid all the people and companies in the emails below.


From: [email protected]


A client of ours is selling away his domain portfolio and we noticed that you have a similar domain name tobeakos.com.
We thought that this might be of interest to you, so we are basically reaching out to any potentially interested parties and giving them
a first chance to secure this domain for themselves.

You can show interest for the domain here:


You can also reply to this e-mail with your offer and our staff will manually process your order.

Here are a few quick notes about the domain offer:
-You are bidding for full ownership. The domain will be transferred in to your registrar account.
-You do not have to use new hosting or any other of our services, you are bidding only for the domain.
-This is a simple single transaction, no hidden surprises, no re-bills.
-We will not share/give/sell your personal information to anybody.
-No new website or hosting is needed. You will only need to open a free registrar account to accept the domain.
-We stand at your disposal for any technical issues you may have, we enjoy helping our customers.

Thank you for considering our service!
Please feel free to call us any time.

Kind regards,
Domain Team

– Never want to hear from us again? Please go here: http://cuttingedgedomains.net/optout/pUURDtjoit

And then there is the different approach

From:  Domain Alert <[email protected]>

Dear Terrance Cultra,


We have recently notified you about beakos.com becoming available, we wanted to educate you a little about the benefits of owning this domain name. The easiest way to direct more traffic to your site is by developing relationships with other sites.

In fact, if you own multiple domain names and redirect them to your main webpage you are going to increase your visibility platform by redirecting them to your products and services.

Secure beakos.com today and make your competitors want to do the same:



Backorder Team
100 North 3rd Street # 450
Phoenix, AZ 85004


If you are not of interest please opt out here: http://real-in.com/u/23248694nofase-MBN-g

Of course I opted out but still get them time and time again.  And yet another

From: Domain Notification <[email protected]>

Dear Terrance Cultra,


We are giving you an opportunity to make an offer on beakos.com before it is offered to the general public. Most companies own all domains, whether it is .com, .net. .org etc., to prevent any lost customers to their website to promote their products and services.


Follow this link here to make a bid on beakos.com:


We look forward to getting you your Domain Name shortly.

You can increase daily and unique visitors on your website by offering information that explains your business or services in more detail:



Backorder Team
4265 San Felipe St #1150
Houston, TX 77027


If you are not of interest please opt out here: http://real-in.com/u/23248694nofase-MBM-g

 And now we get to meet “Best Domains who is a lover of Shakespeare

From: Domain Alert <[email protected]>

Take time to secure beakos.com today.


We understand the importance of capturing all similar Domain Names in alignment with your business. Make an offer today in order for us to go after the domain name for you.

To confirm interest in owning this domain, fill out form here:


Best Domains
435 Clark Rd #355
Jacksonville, FL 32218


If you would not like to receive any more of these messages, please click link below


‘Of all knowledge, the wise and good seek mostly to know themselves. Shakespeare’ –

And of course the famous Alex

From: Alex <[email protected]>

Advance Domain Availability Notification:

We are writing to you today to notify you that beakos.com will be available by auction soon.  You are receiving this message, since you have a similar domain name

To confirm interest in owning this domain, fill out the simple form here: beakos.com

17304 Preston Road
Suite 800
Dallas, TX 75252

If you do not want more of these business solicitation messages, please click the link above and follow instructions at the bottom of the page

He is not great who is not greatly good.

I will spare you the other 12.  If they weren’t from another country I would certainly sue because a few thousand dollars would be worth helping all the people getting this rampage of emails.  It’s by far the most spam I get and I would really like it to end.  If not maybe somebody can take up a cause and spam them.

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  1. Acro

    What is your control panel for the email account (eg CPanel). There is a way to filter out emails based on headers. Send me the full headers in an email and I’ll tell you how to never hear from the ‘beakos’ d*bags again.

  2. Ryan

    Ok this spammer is worse than Alex, from overseas trying to purchase our good domains for nothing…

    Do you work for the man who likes M&Ms, if others are getting this speak up, so hopefully this so called charitable soul stops the bullshit.
    Hi There,

    I am in the market for a few domain names and from doing a whois search I am showing that you are the owner of domain.

    If you are the owner and would like to sell, please let me know what your price is and I will get back to you.

    Thank you very much,

    Barbara Seale

    [email protected]

  3. Arthur Askey

    Worse thing you can do is reply or click opt-out, they know your alive and continue spamming.

    Desperate times bring desperate people, but you’re dealing in domain names so what do you expect..

  4. Kate

    It’s always the same scum from backorderzone/bellnames etc.

    It’s a real shame that there is a group of registrars that exist for the sole purpose of spamming and icann don’t seem to have a problem with it.

  5. Paul

    ALL of these mails could be traced to RIVERSIDEDOMAINBROKERS.com.

    It is these guys who just keep sending 1000s of mails everyday like these.

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