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No you’re not reading the title wrong, and you haven’t lost track of time. It is indeed Monday and I’m doing the list while Shane runs 26 miles and 385 yards. I’ll probably never run a marathon, in fact I’d rather throw myself down a flight of stairs, or attempt self water boarding.

There’s a reason an 8 foot tall Kenyan wins the race every year, my short little legs aren’t built for marathons. I’d have to to move my legs 2 or 3 times more than the tall people just to make it to the end.  In any sport I ever played running was a punishment or part of the warm up, so I never understood running as a sport.

Besides I have a street bike and recently bought a new mountain bike, I bet I could beat every Boston runner riding my bike and drinking a beer. #worksmarternotharder.

While I justify my lack of running ability, I hope that everyone participating in the race is safe and has fun. I’m not even sure how it works, but good luck Shane, beat the Kenyans and win. Or beat the clock or just have fun, whatever you’re trying to do.


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The No Bid List  This has police/fire scanner app written all over it. As radio technology evolves radio frequecy scanners can be very expensive. The scanners need to have the ability to following trunking. Trunking is basically a set of channels that use a group of frequencies within that channel group to transmit messages. The assigned frequencies carry the message to the appropriate channel. The benefit is that less frequencies are needed to operate numerous channels. If any case scanners need to be able to follow the trunked message. Smart phone apps can easily take the place of the radio scanner for free.  Spray vitamins? or Aroma based nutrients?  A brand for lobsters or one of those boil in the bag complete meals  Sounds like a donation site for non profits to get money for recycles cans  Running through a city is a lot different than running on a trail or through the country. They each have different safety concerns and planning requirements. Sounds like a political blog  Something to do with money, or cool digital things  There seems to be a million coupon code sites. They must be making money since so many stay around. Talk about emergencies and preparedness the best football moments in history, all in one site  Field can mean “on the street” or “working” like a field training officer  A financial planning site for those stressed out about money  A company that helps people start a business and become free of employers  Hire the fright crew to scare unsuspecting co workers. A stock photo site   I love the confidence, but we could be with a little less ego  A marriage counseling name  Mr revenue helps businesses make more money  A place where unused domains go to die  Eat kelp or moss  A organization kit, full of different shelving options for your pantry   A cause that you have taken upon yourself that drives you like an obsession  A site that helps you locate all the places in the world where you can turn a penny into a souvenir  The coach makes the call to the pullpen for the reliever to start warming up Knows everything there is to know about buying and selling banked owned properites  Won’t rip you skin off A service that will send all of your birthday and Christmas cards for you, forever   A brand for anything  A budgeting name  Shorter than survival course  A cleaning business name  A regular Tsunami is impressive, but a turbo tsunami, well that’s just insane  A credit card name  Could be the weather or predictions for anything  A fast color name

Names With Bids  nice brand for something Chinese playwrite and screen writer  Doctor quiz  The meter that doesn’t rip you off. Lots of things are metered.

More Names With No Bids For Monday April 17th

Namejet A gift site especially for birthday’s. Sell the Jewelry you don’t use anymore  read about sewing techniques and tips for people that sew.


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  1. I don’t even need to read your list at all today. I already gained so much by just reading your intro… Very very funny stuff! I agree, Running as a sport, yuck. It does seem to be more of a punishment. It sure will be a massive accomplishment to say he completes it though. Best of luck to Shane!

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