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Anyone ever buy anything on Great name for a sales platform. It’s sort of like a hybrid of between Groupon and Ali-express. It seems like most of the products are direct from China, and if someone else orders the same thing in a certain time frame you could get a discount.

They do a pretty good job marketing their products. I’ve found myself ordering random things that I never would have thought of buying, as well as things I thought might be cool, but only at the cheap Chinese knock off prices. For example, today I almost ordered a 3-d printer for $100. I have no idea what they normally costs but I always wanted to play around with one. Who knows if the thing even works.

Some of the random things I bought this week are, A lock pick set, because why not?, a telescope for my iphone, a small safe, a printer, a snake camera for looking into drains or hard to see areas of my car, a multitool, polarized sunglasses and a night vision monocular.

I just saw a $50 inflatable boat for sale. That seems like a good buy just for the story after it sinks. There’s also a ton of cheap drones, maybe I’ll buy a few and have them duel each other in mid air combat.


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8 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, April 7th”

  1. lol .. You don’t understand how much trouble I was going to give you if you missed nippleseal! 😉
    I had my little order from China phase a couple years ago. Mostly little stuff like that .. some stuff for Steamie. The irony is that although I was a packrat forever .. I’ve really not bought much new stuff in the last 10 years .. deliberately trying to avoid it for the most part.
    At $50 I’d say it’s more a dingy than a boat .. lol .. but get enough drones to attach to it and pull you along … that could be fun! 🙂

    1. good point, I don’t wanna be a packrat, the novelty of some of the stuff is sometimes worth that low cost. Maybe Ill give it all away when the novelty wears off. That’s a great idea, drones towing the dingy up river, well for 8 min at least, or however long their batteries last.

  2. A lock pick set, a snake camera, a multitool, sunglasses, and a night vision monocular. If I was a police officer, I would probably arrest you for burglary right away. 🙂

    1. I may start a career as a burglar just for the excitement. I won’t steal anything, just break in and take burglar selfies. Maybe this could be a business? How secure is your office or home.

      1. Ha, could idea Tomas, we’ll pit the cheap spy gear against the cheap security system

  3. I got one of those snake cameras for Christmas. I can connect it to my iphone via Wifi. It’s pretty cool. I already used it to retrieve something I dropped down the kitchen sink drain. Also good for a disgusting peak at the back of your throat, inside your ear or up your nose. Your daughter will get a a kick out of that. Let me know how the lock picking set turns out. I would like to get one if it is decent.

    1. It came with a see through padlock to practice on, as far as picking any other lock there’s no instructions. I’ll have to find instructions online or videos.

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