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One thing that I keep seeing over and over again in my domain selling experience are domains selling for prices higher than they are listed for on other similar selling platforms. I’ve mentioned a few examples in the past and I just had another one yesterday. A domain sold for several thousand dollars more than it was listed for on another platform.

I’m sure this goes the other way, with names selling for less, just as much or more than they sell for the higher prices. Obviously I have no way to track the number of domains that sell for less, but I think the main point to take away here is that you don’t have to price your names the same on all the different platforms.

I think that having different prices can have a positive psychological  effect on the buyer. Say the savvy buyer checks all the different platforms and finds the name for less on one. There’s a feeling that they’re getting a deal. This works particularly well when the lowest price is on a sales platform that has the instant buy it now option. We can use this to maximize the impulse purchase.

If the buyer isn’t that savvy, so be it, they’ll pay more for the name than they would have had they looked around. I like to leave at least one platform make offer, if the buyer comes in and makes a higher offer than what the domain is listed for other places, quickly change the price.

I don’t usually consider the commission rate in the price, I try to set the price to a fair value or at a price that might increase impulse sales. This is mainly with buy it now platforms, particularly with instant purchase systems. The sale is more likely to complete when the buyer has less hoops to go through.
The average person buying domains for a small business or personal use has no idea how this all works. If fact many of us don’t really know how everything works, every sales platform, registrar, tool, has it’s own nuance that we each have to learn and adapt to.  

Domain of the Day maybe an app for college lectures or learning in general

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Names With Bids

The No Bid List  Medivac for your injured or sick pet. Probably expensive and I doubt pet insurance covers it Something new and never seen before, maybe greater than ever A product for feeding Whitetail deer, Buck feed works better than deer. It’s the big bucks that hunters want  Dream homes  Make a living out of style  Give your brain a workout  Development server or solution  It is rocket science   Make money off the crowd or a group of people that work together to earn money  Sounds more pompous than just credit fix  Who wouldn’t want a fabulous wife? Don’t drown  Go where ever you want, no planning just go Monkey’s that fill your gas tank  Hire these guys to fix your computer and fill your fantasies  Improve your self image  A crew that moves and sets up your house  12 of them  Take a vacation in the florida keys  A blog that gives bios about unknown artists. Basically a PR site for unknow artist  Love spelled wrong  Liquid money that you can move quickly  SSDD  Security system that defend against numerous issues or threats  It ryhmes kind of  Same monkey that filled your gas tank tries to sell you nutrious gas station food   No Idea what it is, but is really odd. Reminds me of Doc in back to the future  Never lose your pro skills  Public Access Automated External Defibrillator  Grape juice  Means scroll in Spanish I think   I like it as a laid back charter or guide service  A service that cleans up and removes your past mistakes. Your kids don’t need to see your revenge porn  Sounds cool for a service that repairs anything  Really fast phone  Plants? Make the copy of a plant from the root  Keep some spare credit lying around for a rainy day  Great at whatever you want to do in the studio A style trend site, which way is it moving  Shane says he loves this stuff so much, he’ll rub it all over his body after a shower  Keep track of all your training certifications in one place  Could be the actual optic device, but works as a review or a blog about weapons. You’re looking for new and cool weapons Harness the power of the wind  like a supreme pizza but as a wrap  I like it as a pet food brand

All of these are Cities in Italy, except one. One is an Algerian city, it’s a geography quiz.

Namejet Fresh clean uniforms for any industry  So much Canna Drew can’t even smoke it all A site about the auto industry or maybe a pimp my ride type site  It’s a memorable monkey name  A sports site for the sophisticated fan



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Domain Spotlight:

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