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I was thinking about Shane’s post from the other day, the one about keeping your day job and not buying domains just because your addicted. I think it’s great advice and here’s my spin on it.

If you make enough money to live off of domains and hate your job, quit your day job or find a job that you like. During college I worked in factory as a machine operator, the money was decent all things considered but it was one of those jobs that you contemplated driving into a bridge abutment every time you drove to work just so you had a good reason to call off.

I think everyone should work in a factory for a few months, then go back to your regular job. You won’t complain about anything for at least a few months.

We spend a third of our most productive years at some type of employment. I would rather change my lifestyle and live with less or find something better to do with my time than work somewhere I hate.

As far as buying too many domains, it all depends on what’s working. I agree that you shouldn’t add money to buy domains everyday. I use a portion of my sales to buy more domains to bootstrap the whole operation.  If you find something that works, duplicate it over and over again, until it no longer works, or you find a way that works better.


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The No Bid List A teaching name to learn about respecting others Things you’re also allowed to do  A call to action for a real estate infomercial that wants you to invest your money with them  laundered bitcoin  There’s a section of Lancaster City, Pa that is patrolled by private security on bikes. The local business’s organize and pay for the service. The idea is to work along with city PD to make that section of the city safer and more desirable for commerce.  A group of regular citizens  A team made up of male chickens only A tool to determine the level of damage  The douche factor is an important part of evaluating anyone. The conversation goes like this: “Well Mr Smith, you scored very high on the written test, your resume is impeccable, however we can’t hire you because your Douche Factor is off the charts.”  I didn’t think of marriage at first, but more of a involvement type thing, like engage in conversation  Help with forex  A radio station A lawn service that requires no contract and can fill in when you’re on vacation.  Sounds like a book  could be a crypto type name  Writing’s of children  Small cats that like to paint  learn something new everyday  Get a brand for only $1  Good phrase name that basically means God told you to do something  A stain remover  Sounds like the old carbon copy paper, do they still make that? A brand for something  No ladies at this school Double black diamond  Gifts for your wife in a box  A site that maps the best place to build windmills

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Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR

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  1. It’s easy Not to buy domains all the time since people are overpaying at the wholesale level.

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