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They added a Starbucks to one of the local grocery stores, which is great if you like over priced coffee like I sometimes do. A word of advice; buy the coffee after you check out.

I thought it would be nice to shop for food while drinking my coffee. When I got to the check out an older gentleman was running the register, but he may have been the slowest grocery store register operator I’d ever seen. No big deal, I didn’t have anywhere to be. I set the coffee down in the bagging area and started bagging my groceries. A bottle came rolling off the belt towards the coffee so I grabbed quickly grabbed the cup to avoid my expensive coffee from getting run over by the can.

I squeezed too hard when I made the grab, the lid popped off and the cup overturned in the bagging area. Coffee was running everywhere and there was a significant coffee pond developing. I alerted the cashier with an “excuse me sir, do you have any paper towels?” He looked up from a package that he was closely inspecting, trying to find the bar code, saw that I had made a mess and handed me One paper towel. Eventually we got it all cleaned up, but I’ll refrain from buying coffee pre-check out until they add cup holders to the carts. 

My happiness that Buy Domains names with the crazy ass reserves being removed from Namejet was short lived. They’re back with their 5 thousand a day clutter causing, retail priced domains. My new conspiracy theory is that not only are they using the platform as a advertising venue for their retail inventory, but they are also using the huge influx of clutter to pick up the rest of the inventory without competition.

Think about it, they have the whole system so backlogged with their crap that other buyers get discouraged and give up looking. That allows them to easily pick through the remaining no reserve names with no competition. They obviously know which names they own so they only have have the other inventory to search through. It’s brilliant.

I’ve added a section at the bottom of Godaddy BIN names all under $1k. They range from $50 to $999 with a big group of listed at $399. I think most of these names are undervalued and could possibly be sold for a profit. So take a look and see if you find anything you like.

Here’s one from the list, priced with a BIN of $750 and has a $12K estibot.

Main List

Names With Bids

The No Bid List Because no one wants a stupid loan  A brand name based on the work assist and mixed with the ever popular io Turn your food garbage into rich soil  Coffee with a kick  I’ve got a credit fever and the only prescription is more cow bell  Wipe the books clean of all your debt  order a sandwich on the deli app  Work that you need done, but don’t want anyone to know about it  talk and learn about wine  Whats the real story behind domains and the domain industry?  Places to take your dog, maybe places for them to go to the bathroom. Or a product that stops unfriendly dogs  Make your engine more efficient and more powerful with an upgrade  They seem like they’d be fun  An app for people that need rides  You can’t go wrong adding the word green to anything  Improvised Explosive Device Stopper  A politically incorrect name for an exterminator company  Get informed about your loan options  A dog training name   What is it?  Pseudo or fake, this is a faker  Say smart and funny things  I like it as a brandable to trading things   A name for better paper towels to clean up coffee spills  A funny site that survey’s idiots  This one survey’e everyone  Light one up in the Tokery  A political call to action name. Veto it!  Remember the “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials?  A fast emergency veterinarian service  like 123 go, 123 act  The same old junk every day  For vampires  Keep your kids safe by keeping them in a bubble  Make sure it’s a real diamond  Wine men  Make your own airplane… seems like a bad idea  Skilled hands for doing intricate work




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Godaddy Value BIN  This is the town in Lacaster County Pa that was my mailing address when I lived with my parents

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