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Here’s a rundown of my .us experiment that I started about a year ago.

For those of you that don’t remember, Uniregistry had a special on .us for 10 cents each. I initially bought 10K names for $1K, I added around 2000 more towards the end of the sale for a rough total of 12K names for $1200.

I’ve talked in the past about why I like them at the right price but a quick review: The county I live in uses .us for it’s government website and I’ve sold several in the past.

Here’s the total sales broken down by price. While most of the names are now expired, they can still sell while they’re in auto renew grace, which gives me a free month to sell them.

11 $199.00 $2,189.00
4 $250.00 $1,000.00
45 $399.00 $17,955.00
1 $999.00 $999.00
Total $22,143.00


I also made about about $1000 in parking until the 6 month mark, when I stopped tracking any parking as I changed all the landing pages to a sales only format to test if more sales would be generated. They data is inconclusive, and since a higher percentage of the sales came through the afternic network I’m not sure if this had any affect on sales.

I’m sure I’m missing a few sales, I manually went through Afternic and Uniregistry and pulled the prices out. I know that I sold a few through whois inquiries, those sales aren’t added into these numbers.

Some history on the pricing. I started with a make offer/Buy it now format, at $250 minimum offer and $999 BIN.  You can see that 1 sold for the $999 BIN price and 4 sold for the minimum  offer amount. I then switched all the listings to $399 on both on Afternic, Sedo and on the landing page. When parking ads were being displayed I modified the landing page header to say “This domain is for sale for $399” instead of the default “This domain may be for sale”. I’m not a big fan of the ambiguous label, of course it’s for sale I have it parked and it’s a friggen .us. I want to sell them as fast as possible because I’m not paying the renewal fees.  As a side note I was going to renew the names that get traffic and are making money, instead I’ll just renew the ones that made money based on the records kept by Uniregistry.  

With somewhere between 3 or 4 months remaining on the registration I changed the landing page price to $199 but left Afternic at $399. As far a sedo goes I think I only sold 2 domains and I’m not sure if I even listed them all, I should have, but my sales on SEDO have always been so much lower than any other platform. As a result I don’t give Sedo as much attention, but then that could be why I sell so few.  One thing I do know, searching for names listed on the sedo can be difficult. The domains are not camel cased so the words just flow together. Afternic actually lists the domains in the way that they’re entered. This only applies to the actual Afternic site and not the partner registrars.  The partners display the names in the registration path and it’s usually not camel cased . Godaddy, despite all the bitching I do, has not changed premium listings or auction listings to a camel case format. I think 4 times as many names would sell if people could quickly and easily tell what they were looking at.

Some points to take away without diving deep into the particulars. I made a significant sales relative to the purchase price with a profit of around $22K. The commission varied, 20% at Afternic, 15% on Sedo and 10% using the uniregistry BIN checkout system. Let’s just say 15% and make the total profit $18,900. Using these numbers we see that my experiment only worked with a significant discount.

Many registrars run continuous .us sales for about $1. At this price I still would have made a decent profit but the risk to reward and time involved might have made it prohibitive or at least less attractive, and certainly paying the full registration price would have ended in a loss.

Keep in mind that no names were priced according to any metric or perceived value, but rather in bulk.  The names were largely registered in bulk with certain metrics and other indicators used to quickly determine some sort of value in the names. The point here is that careful pricing and domain selection would allow for more profitability, but would have significantly added to the overall amount of work. The actual time invested was minimal as most tasks only entailed short bulk change orders.  


Also Princess Leia seems to be doing better, they’re not sure what the issue is or was. She was tested for numerous cat related illnesses. I’m not sure if she’s out of the woods yet but at least she’s not hanging on by a whisker.  And seriously, if you’re the type of person that would spend an exorbitant amount of money on your pet’s health, you should look into Pet insurance.

I’ll find out the name of the insurance company and post it next time, I don’t pay the premium so I don’t know, but the bill so far is over $10k but the insurance company pays 100% after a $500 deductible.

Probably doesn’t matter what the company name is, they’ll be out of business by the end of the month.


Main List

The No Bid List  flip this name, someone will buy it for the thousands and thousands of alt coins  They always have food available. It works well for me when i’m up all night  A travel site  Has block in it, so it’ll probably sell. Could be a brand for discussing block chain forks, tech and solutions  They swoop in and do whatever it is a bride needs help with  delicious  Has chain in it, bet it goes for $500  A guide for dads  A service geared to fight flying bugs only.  Currency names seem to do well all the time  Get ready for the game  Uses optics on either end to see what the issue is. He doesn’t fix the problem, just finds it.  A workout machine, or a new sport. I mix of cross country skis and roller blades  Like a bounce in your step happy, healthy  and ready to go   Winter is coming, I saw it come  The brand for the questions you had before visiting this site  VR solution for registering domains. You just have to think it, and it’s in your account  The name for people that keep getting asked “dude are you alright?! that looks terrible!” the plural is better known, but this doesn’t have any bids  Where the grapes of life are grown and made into wine  Live or Live, you choose  If you need Time Machine and are on a budget  Not that women “can’t” do it, but in this adventure they’re not invited  I don’t have any  Mind exercise to keep you mentally sharp, or some kind of crazy cryogentic tool  Names just fricken flying all over the place like dynamite  Normally I’m half right 62% percent of the time  I would eat this  A huge store filled with jokes and other fun gag gifts  Get the PR you need from a master  Share and trade recipes. Monetize the site with coupons,  food and cookware that’s needed for the recipes  I had an umbilical hernia repaired several years ago. I assume there’s decent search volume for this name, but I don’t see an end users ever buying it. I could be wrong  Whatever this is, it’s so important you need to see it right away  Get rid of the bad genes  A business that puts shelving up in your garage or closet and it’s a fun play on words  Get some of your money back Track your steps, or a brand for progress These little bastards have to be handled with a gentle touch. Call a service to take care of the problem  Cover knives, scissors or used needles  The study of storms A workout brand  We can use an unlimited amount of pet insurance after we pay the deductible  Control people with only your voice

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Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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31 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, October 28th and .us experiment results”

      1. Yeah .. but as we discussed below .. that fact is completely offset by a 10 cent purchase price .. even at $199 he only needs to sell 1/2000 (or 6/12,000) to make money. There is a risk involved .. but it paid off in spades for him!

      2. That’s a good point. I did forget to mention that about 3000 for traffic type names for parking. I figured it was worth a shot with anything over 10 cents a profit. I mentioned in a lower comment how I picked them. Also I’m confident that many more names would have sold from $10-$99, but I’m not sure if the increase in sales volume would have made up the difference. I probably could have tried to sell them wholesale, I actually had one guy looking for .us names on Namepros, but it never panned out. Even $10 is 100X.

  1. Holy smokes your accountant must hate you with an evil raging force of a million cow farts!
    I think a more interesting question is:
    How did you create your list of 10,000 domains? More than anything else that seems like an extremely daunting task! Were they mostly 4L/5L, one words, multi-word but one-term, two word?
    Another key point .. which I think is huge .. and not to take away from the incredibly important job that you do .. but I’m thinking most of your “real-world” job is spent on “stand-by”, waiting for emergencies. Meaning that you have the huge privileged of working on your domaining while getting paid for your real job. Again .. I don’t want to take anything away from you .. just stating a fact that might make your “process” not as attainable for the rest of us humans .. lol
    I also think you need to factor in your costs in Mountain Dew .. lol
    Anyhow .. congrats on all the success .. very happy for you .. and also happy to see someone do well in a crazy niche nobody would have expected .. goes to show that domaining is an industry where if someone has time and energy combined with a unique vision that they can make nice profits ..

    Also nice to hear about Princess Leia doing better .. after the last trailer for Star Wars 8 I was a little worried for her! 😉

    1. I talked about the process a little bit in a previous post. I’ll look for the link.
      And yes lol, that’s how I find the time, plus I only “work” my “real” job 2 days a week.

      My point in sharing all this was partially as an experiment to see if it would work while evaluating different price points, to show that .us has some value. Also to determine if it’s a viable strategy for other extensions or if it can be repeated with ,us. What I think it comes down to, with something like this, is finding a good/great deal and and taking a calculated acceptable risk.

      If I found the same deal tomorrow, maybe I’d try pricing them all at $999 for 6 months and see how many sell. The problem with trying to sift through any kind of data with any domain sales is that every one of these things is it’s own unique beast. it’ll always be trial and error, risk to reward analysis while creating a process that shifts the odds in your favor.

      I’m downloading a and checking the availability of 10K .us names now. I could probably have 50K names that I’d register by noon. This play isn’t really that time consuming in the scheme of things, in fact half the names that sold I probably wouldn’t have even registered under my normal list/name searching methods. It’s all data and bulk.

  2. wow .. some great stuff in there .. and some absolute garbage! lol
    But of my few sales, I sold 2 x .co around a grand .. domains I got last year when I made the decision to get a little more serious into domaining .. and ironically both I wouldn’t pick up again today because they wouldn’t make my higher standards .. lol .. domaining can be totally illogical and confusing at times!
    Did you generate that list through I still simply slug through the lists directly at GoDaddy .. thinking I might need to make the switch sooner than later .. but I’ve really gotten into my routine! I now “watch” on average about 125 domains a day (down from about 200) .. some days I buy 4-5 .. others 1 or none. I’m getting better at saying no .. plus my first year’s renewals are starting .. so funds are not what they were .. lol.

    1. I’m not saying to blindly register a whole list like that, but if they were only 10 cents each you could to save time. Again, there’s some reason they’re registered in 15 other extensions, sometimes It blows my mind that people would pay $399 for some of this stuff.

      1. oh yeah .. don’t get me wrong .. I’m not saying what you do is a bad thing .. at some point time is money .. you need to take a sample of a list like that .. say out of 100 names there are 25 good ones, 25 decent, and 50 bad ones. Then your cost is between 20-40 cents per domain depending on your standards. At 20 cents per, you might be saving $$ when you factor in your time PLUS the fact that you’ll still likely sell a couple you wouldn’t have registered AND you’ll probably get a little parking money as well. It’s really 100% dependant on price .. I did something similar when I started with $2.99 .co’s .. unfortunately I was just starting and had a couple of real life issues limiting my time so I couldn’t really maximise their visibility to get a real gauge for them.
        What you said on the DSAD Sherpa show was funny .. but spot on .. when you referred to your 1 cent .xyz purchase .. lol .. something like “who cares if they are all good or not .. they’re 1 cent .. it’ll cost more in time just to go through the list” lol
        It still is a bit of an art figuring out the [average quality] : [price] ratio. 10 cents sounds cheap .. but it can add up.

    2. You go directly through the spreadsheets you download from the Godaddy FTP? Just thinking about that makes me wanna throw myself down a flight of stairs.

      1. Not even .. I actually go through the actual search result pages of some custom searches I’ve saved .. it’s slow and sluggish at times .. but the upside is that I don’t have to go back and mark them “watched” .. plus I can easily download my list and sort chronologically .. enter my domains for the day into Estibot .. then put that resulting list through my macro to spit out the 3-4 fields I’m interested in plus one “search value” calculation field I created.
        So I end up with a nice list of domains to track for the day with some stats. Of those names I go through them once and bold about a third that are better. Then I go through those and grade them from 0 to 4. With them being:
        0) “meh .. maybe look at again and consider grabbing at $5 dollar closeout”
        1) Maybe grab at $5
        2) Grab at $5, maybe at $11
        3) Maybe low bid to $30-50 .. probable if $11 closeout
        4) Definitely bid on .. with permission to self to go a little higher
        It isn’t an equal split between those domains. Out of maybe 40 per day most are “1” or “2”. Usually around three “3”. There are days when I have no “4” at all.

      2. Hmmmn .. I posted a link to my domains below .. but it says my post is “awaiting moderation” .. I’m guessing because of the link. I there something I need to do on my end to get it posted, or is it something manual you need to do on your end?

  3. You can check out some of my names as I FINALLY set up my Efty site yesterday at:
    A fuller list is here .. although I still have to add couple hundred more names .. some adult or semi-adult .. and some I set aside for possible use. I choose the intermediate Efty account for now, so that limits me to 1500 of my 1800 domains anyways.
    I’m not completely satisfied with the look of the site (Efty is very limited in that regard), so not looking for too much feedback on that yet .. but more interested on feedback of the actual names (and my pricing for those of you with more time on your hands .. lol)
    A lot of the names I haven’t posted besides the adult ones are “_names”, “_domains” and “_brands” domains as I’m thinking of going to one or a few of those instead of simply “Ategy”. Will be soliciting feedback on that as well at some point .. lol.

      1. Yeah .. it’s all template driven … sooo easy .. but that’s prob the main issue I have .. is that it isn’t very customisable .. but depending on how many domains you have you could have a site up in no time at all. Feel free to contact me on NamePros or email if you have any more questions! 🙂

      1. Yeah .. I know .. didn’t know I could .. I’m going to try to reupload them all again .. otherwise could take me a while .. lol .. but as I said .. more curious to hear feedback on the quality of names .. and even more importantly .. my prices. Pricing is one of the hardest things for 2 word brandables I find .. can vary quite a bit.

  4. How did you get all the landing pages set up for all those names? is there a way to automate it at uniregistry? I thought BIN were 15%? You say … 10% using the uniregistry BIN checkout system ?

    On a side not, I’m unable to get email notifications when there is a reply to the posts on here where I make a comment?

    1. If the name is non brokered through uniregistry with the BIN checkout on their system it’s only 10%, at least I think that’s what it is.
      You can bulk edit anything in there system. I assume you’re referring to changing the banner on the top? Otherwise you can set the landing page to default, it’ll be automatic when you add your names to the market and change the nameservers. There’s a landing page edit section in the bulk tools. There’s a little button for more options that allows you to change the wording of the header inquiry link.

      I’m not sure how the comments work, I’ll ask Travis. He’ll know or be able to figure it out.

      1. I emailed them again this morning about the BIN. A while back I was told it was lowered to 10%, but recently they said it’s 15% referencing their fees page
        It would be nice if it was 10%. They would probably get more business. They have nice landing pages for a registrar.
        You should think about doing a post of them and their landing pages, automation you mention etc.

  5. Thanks for sharing your .us experiment with “us.” Were they more brandable or two word domains? I’ve wondered what price point is best for names like these.

    1. Todd, they’re were all kinds. 4L, single words, popular terms. I don’t think there were too many made up brandables, I don’t think these would sell in .us nor do I think they have any value. I really think the brandable created types need to stay in .com. I also had a large amount, maybe 3000 domains, that were bought for parking or potential seo only.

      I should have mentioned in the post, I didn’t expect these to sell unless an seo saw value in them. Basically I pulled domains that had backlinks from numerous different c-block ip addresses, were older than 2008 on the last creation date, and didn’t have a ridiculous amount of backlinks, compared to the IP diversity. I didn’t check any of them to see if they were link farmed, or turned into viagra sites, or do anything as far as anchor text goes. The idea is that if the domain falls into all of these categories it’s less likely to be completely spammed out, thus making any traffic BS.

      As far as price point for any of these names, I think the little bit of data we have gives us some clues, namely “how many do you want to sell”. for example I may have made more money leaving all the prices at $999 for the whole project, or I could have made more money trying to sell them all for $99, moving more volume. The key is to find a price that’s reasonable for the buyer but also invites impulse purchases. I think I would have sold a lot less if I would have to go through a long escrow process. If I set the price too high I’ll lose impulse, If I set it too low I undersell too many names that buyers would have been comfortable paying more for without a second thought. I felt the $399 fell into that range, but maybe $299 would have worked better. It’s all about timing, ease of sale and impulse.

      I recently lowered a bunch of .com’s on godaddy premium to $299 and have been selling 3 or 4 a week. I’ve lost higher sales, I know this because a few have been tentatively purchased on other platforms for higher amounts and then bought for $299 when the lower price source was found. This doesn’t bother me too much, because the amount of names selling is giving me momentum. I still have potential to sell those names for higher amounts on other platforms, it happens all the time.

      So just to review the answer to your question, I’d stay away from made up brandables, and sell anything else for a reasonable price that invites impulse buys. Obviously I could have spent more time breaking the names into different price groups, based on my own appraised value, but i’m not sure if this would work better.

  6. Awesome update Josh! I wish I had known, but I wouldn’t have gone as big as you did either way in reality haha

  7. Great job Josh!
    I still don’t understand how you made that 10k domain list… 🙂

    Can you share with us?


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