Another good Sherpa show published yesterday. Adam Strong said he liked the comment I posted after the last review, so I’ll repost it here for anyone that wants to read it. Shane also commented that he liked it  but he’s a team player and more importantly a manager of people and plants by trade.  He knows that encouragement is a motivator so you have to take it with a grain of salt 🙂 .

I’m joking, Actually everyone one of us at DSAD will tell the others the truth or their opinion good or bad. It’s really the only way to accurately communicate. Sure, you can hedge, pick your battles, or even be tactful, but when it comes down to it, withholding something, not saying or doing something for fear of giving offense will hurt everyone in the long run.

A comment on bidding on auctions with bids approach. One thing to watch about bidding on auctions with bids because others think they have value so they must have value. Take a look at some of Godaddy auction names with bids. There are some terrible names with bids that you should never bid on. I can only assume that the people bidding on them hate their money, or they’re SEO’s and are buying the names for links and traffic.

If you don’t know anything about SEO, Pandas, Penguins, Possums, anchor text, link farms, or spam, don’t bid on these names just because they have traffic numbers.

From the last  review comment


Suppose you paid $10 each for these names, they have no parking revenue and no inquiries then just drop them, because every single day you can find better names to register that are salable to a real person in business or thinking about starting a business. With these names you don’t have to over analyze, search deep for a prospective buyer, or do anymore pointless work. You can simply trade these names in for better ones.

It seems one of your tactics is trying to get ahead of the curve with new tech and ideas. If that’s the case then it’s super hard, even impossible to value any in that category, we’re talking about theoretical value and ideas. There’s high risk and high reward should they pan out, but until then they’re completely speculative.

Even within that category I don’t think super niche, exact match domains will be bought by any companies, not as brands and not as marketing names. They’re not call to action names, they’re not generic category names and they’re not buying keywords. (buying keywords are where the customer is ready to make a purchase or take action of some sort other than just browsing the web) If Shane decides to start growing plant meat in his greenhouses he’s not going to buy or use Plant Based Meat, let alone Meats. No one says “meats”.

You’re going super in depth into the analysis of these names, and I think it’s paralyzing you from finding low hanging fruit. When I talked about conquering the droplists, I’m saying that taking the time to thoroughly process a list has value. To Shane and Ategy’s point, about finding names that you alone like, I say, who cares. You’re not buying them right then and there, you are simply identifying inventory as quickly as possible and finding names that you like, could be used by a business, or anything at all that flags the name to you. Later you can go back and analyze the names at a closer level.

I’ve found that most of the names that I’ve sold are just that, names that I like for some reason coupled with an industry that will buy it. They might simply make sense for something, might be short and memorable, or a memorable phrase.

There are no real metrics associated with the vast majority of these names. We are not buying and selling longtail exact match domains right now, nor have we for some time. We are essentially selling some sort of brandable domain on all levels. Not just made up brands, but even the short EMD keyword domains are selling as brands.

Take Shane’s, the metrics on this domain (5K exact match) have nothing to do with the usage that shane envisions other than the idea that 5K searches a month show that it’s still a word that is recognized and used in everyday speech. The people typing it into google are actually looking to buy a dustpan.If Shane sells the name to a MultiNational company as a cleaning brand, those same people will still be looking for dustpans to buy when they type the name into google.

One thing I’ve found, doing the DSAD lists, selling domains on numerous platforms and even to other investors on namepros, is that I usually have no idea what will sell. Everyone has there own criteria, parameters, ideas, visions, life experience that they apply to picking domains and branding. Names I think are great will not sell wholesale and then will sell to an end-user 2 days later for thousands of $.

Also the idea that unregistered names will not sell is false. I’ve sold names on Afternic that were available to hand reg at the time they sold.

This is by no means an efficient industry, there is no way to track all the names and keep your sanity, we have no idea what people are thinking when they have an idea, the general population does not have a clue about domains, There is potential to make a profit just for finding and MARKETING salable names, all the buyer has to do is see the name and buy it.

We are in an industry that relies on timing, one that is so large our inventory contains every word in every latin character language, any word combination of any and all of these languages up to 64 characters. On this level our job is to narrow down as best we can names that will sell for a profit as easily as possible.”

Main List

The No Bid List  A site to list and promote bars and their deals. Find a wing night every night of the week   Could be lots of things, formula for success, chemistry formula A bot name  A line of fly killing products. like my favorite salt gun fly killer  clear out bad habits or clear of bad habits  Find out when you favorite act or band is on tour  Ha, I like this one, Crap E Diem, loosely translated from the Latin Crappy Day  Flush all the credit debt out  A union of runners or maybe something to do with the digital token   Do I Need .com ? If you want to sell domains you do.  A task list set by someone else  Verbose over analyzing of simple questions.  The things that I have influence over  A soup kitchen, but more likely an RSS type thing  Used with dynamite and fireworks I think  A big ole pile of joy  The dude in charge of the Citadel and all the other Meisters. No idea if it’s spelled the same. Don’t wanna change the concept so I’m not looking it up. It’s a Game of Thrones reference, for those of you confused by everything you just read.  Music? Gossip?  Ahh a Once Upon a Time in Mexico reference. “Are you a Humanican or a Humanican’t? ”  the old internet or personal damning.  Hire a hacker  The motto for medical professionals, sorta, Do No Harm  A spare pod for whatever you use pods for   When you need storage really fast    A common phrase? “I can’t believe you just did that to him! That was a real dick move dude, seriously wrong”  Haul big trucks  Can you add?   Oh ho! Just as good as Easy Angle! Maybe even better 🙂 sell this bad boy for $8K  A brand of crypto currency credit card  A timeclock solution for your employees. They swipe in when they’re working

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Snap Names/DropCatch  caught today and at 1700. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hand catch it. 🙂


Godaddy Value BIN

Godaddy Value BIN

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Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. is looking at me telling me that has nothing to do with runners or tokens, but that it’s actually the future home of the Dachshund Union!
    Anyhow .. what you said above about domains with bids at godaddy auctions is something that freaks me out all the time. I just can’t comprehend how most of the domains in question have any value at all. The same also holds true for aged expiring names. Day after day I see literally thousands of absolutely craptastic horrendously bad domains that were renewed year after year after year for over a decade in some cases. I just don’t get it?
    I’m thinking that for a small portion of these bad names with bids there are likely some great metrics on data points I don’t have access to (or simply don’t have time to check). But for the most part I think it’s just that most people have no clue what actually makes for a good domain!
    Anyhow .. thanks for today’s names! 🙂

    1. Josh,

      I liked that comment then and I still like it 🙂 I think the big difference between you and everyone else I’ve met is you are selling a ton of names and you have data to help you find more that sell. You put in the time, you have results to measure, and have developed a system that works. Everyone else wants you to show them how instead of putting in the time to figure out they’re own method.

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