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Ah, lol, Philly sports fans are so predictable. Anyone that will throw an iceball at Santa will try and burn down their city when they win a national championship. I’m not sure if it’s an outlet for passion or just an excuse to burn shit down.

I watched the end of the Super Bowl at work, I was on a call for the first half. I can tell you that if the last touchdown would have been overturned the whole city would have burned down. I sat there dumbfounded as the Sports commentator tried to say that the touchdown might not be valid because the receiver may not have had control of the catch and was not a runner. The receiver caught the ball at like the 7 yard line RAN and dove into the endzone.  No review needed.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the commercials, but I did pay attention to  a local ad that ran in the DC area which includes Maryland. The commercial was for and I didn’t pay attention to it because of the fun Trump parody, but because I saw a real world case use of a keyword domain that makes total sense for the business. In a world where brandable  domains are taking over, it’s nice to see a good keyword domain in the spotlight.

Gas Fireplaces is not the name of the company and who cares, because it doesn’t matter. If I’m looking on of these things I’ll remember this domain a lot more than Cypress Air of DC. I think that with a local or regional service business or retailer, keyword domains that make sense are the way to go. Obviously I’m not talking about long tail bs names with no search volume or ad competition.


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The No Bid List   A site that gives stats about people base on their age  Blockchain rebates  A culinary brand that’s fun  Track a person or animal with a cloud based app They help you think better  Alternate reality Combat, less lethal  Use this tool so you don’t lose all your money  He fixes logo’s  Turn one coin into another  A gaming name for all the gamers out there that don’t have jobs and play video games all day. They still get money from the government so you’ll be able to monetize the site  Save on your hash rate or on regular old hash  Fix your code here  I don’t know which Rick this is, but I know quite a few Rick’s and would hire most of them to do something Send an i care box to someone for any special event  next gen Video streaming  virtual real estate viewer as in it’s fresh, or as in just made the cut  Learn how to make attractive logo’s  People thinking together to solve problems  If they’re listed on this site they’re already found  help file your trademark  Helps you build your portfolio fast  In a hurry but want lots of ink? Get a quick tat, it’s like a vending machine for real tattoos. Just pick your design, insert your arm and let quick tats go to work. His the emergency shut off button if something goes wrong.  Make your race car awesome  A wedding ring brand When your crack needs fixed  Rock music and talk radio station  When it feels like you’re in the upside down world  No one gets in here but you  Top Level Domain lawyers  Supplement for fighters  Quick impact driver drill

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More Names With No Bids

Namejet  Cloud storage Track something  incorporation help

Flippa/SEDO A magazine full of discounts 

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TipsRoot .com
ᴄʀʏᴘᴛᴏ.com (IDN)

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    Wow .. very rarely can you find an ad perfect in virtually every way. Great concept .. more importantly .. lots of branding repeated .. really funny and memorable .. really amazing!
    Often times you’ll see an absolutely cool and funny and memorable commercial .. but by the time it’s done .. you have no idea what the brand actually was .. just that it was a cool commercial .. this one certainly does the opposite and drives home the brand in a perfect package! Well done! 🙂

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