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It felt like my birthday today going through the NameJet list. The normal 9-10K worth of .com’s was down to around 6K, and it appears that there were no BuyDomains names with the crazy retail reserves. This made it so much easier to search through the list. I even back-ordered 10 names last night because I didn’t have chest pain from the $1K+ reserve every time I clicked on a name. Hopefully it stays this way or they drop their reserves to reasonable prices.

Next up on the list of things to change is the Godaddy auction process, I talked about this before. I talked to Joe Styler at NamesCon over lunch and pitched my idea for investors to be able to reap the benefits of the Godaddy expired auction process. I’m wasn’t talking about profit sharing but rather an opt in for investors to let their names go all the way through the auction process with Godaddy only taking the standard 20%. He said they had experimented with profit sharing in the past, I think the rate he quoted was around 50%. Joe said that nothing really benefited the company, like increased registrations or less transfer of names to other registrars.

I suggested that this is comparing apples to oranges.  If I was able to opt in and agree that I wouldn’t renew the name or transfer it out after the auction, while knowing that I’d get the standard return after the sale, I wouldn’t ever move my names to any other registrar. My names would be on equal footing with the rest of the Godaddy expired inventory. There wouldn’t be a different starting price, or “traffic” numbers to compete with. I would purposely let names expire just so they would go through the auction. The amount of good Godaddy expired inventory would rise.  For any name that I own that lives at Godaddy I wouldn’t even consider any of the other auction platforms, because I wouldn’t need to.

One other take away from our conversation was how the auction system deals with names that it considers “adult”. They don’t show up in the regular feed. I tried auctioning a few numerics that contained 69 in them. They only got 1 bid and weren’t searchable through the standard API feed because they had been flagged as adult. So be careful what you list at auction that falls intentionally or unintentionally into the adult category. You may not get as many eyes on it as your would like.

Main List

Names With Bids

The No Bid List  Artificial intelligence door, that knows when to open and close  Duct cleaning service or installation  They’re everywhere, on this site your take a photo of them and post it online so everybody knows who they are A place to have your baby with the popular water birth. No sense in doing it in your own bathtub, all that blood, amniotic fluid and bodily waste isn’t good for the plumbing. No one wants to take a bath a week after and have pieces of placenta coming out of the drain.  Like vape fluid for your vaporizer, but this gets you high. Make your car like Fort Knox. No one gets in there  A  new type of robot that will revolutionize the bot industry.  Not a bad email address  Help your kids by teaching them how to manage money and build credit Like bit coin, but translated so everyone knows how much it is  Tony the Tiger moved on the bigger and better things and now does debt relief. He’s still getting royalties for his frosted flakes work. Learn different ways to fight  Where does that thing go all the time?  All the things you need to by to get your freak on  An app that offers quick help and advice  Buy them or sell them fast  A team that invents things  The best wool on the market, I think anyway, buy some yarn and knit your own socks emeralds or making money from minerals  The team that comes and takes your name back if you have a lien on it  A service that plans things for you when you have no time  This is an actual thing, the surgeon remotely takes control of the robot and does surgery from a remote location. I just hope the internet feed doesn’t go out.  Safe fish oil  Manscape it, or maybe it’s a lawn, either way it’s short, fun and makes a good brand  Go to this site if you’re in need of help  The Amish are known to be shunner’s Smarter than who?  A two syllable gold name. Gold names are always popular  I think this is a good one, lot’s of money and products to help people stop snoring  learn how to ski or snowboard  Stack them up and count them  Still in the news with all the fighting and refugees  Can’t go wrong storing things in an ultra box, them sound really tough  A weed name that I liked enough to put up here rather than in the weed name section  Can adapt to anything  An app that tells you when to bet  Brands mashed together like potatoes  A casino brand name  Cat’s that never go away  Studies the ways of credit  The Corn  Do it yourself Geek type things   Learn how to be ethical  I’m not sure why I added this one, maybe its a bigfoot encounter site  Jam out with the Jamzy App  I really do  What do you want to learn?  They still do this at some Diners. Local businesses buy ad space on the menu so the customers can read them while sipping their coffee.  Try medicated powder  Also known as email  New York State wine, or NySwine, you choose  Steals the poop right from under you, without you ever knowing Probably not fracking, maybe it’s hydro from the Thames  Automatically changes your proxy  A bar for small ugly dogs It makes me think of plastic lids or something like that that has punch tabs  An inspirational name to motivate someone to succeed

Namejet  A Budgeting name, make sure you have liquid cash available for emergencies


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LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday

LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s


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Some Numbers

The Other day a LNNN went for over 2K. A few of these aren’t too bad.

One Worders and Other TLD’s

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR

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