Well it looks like our friend “Stu” also known as Al Perkins and Wesley Perkins is back to his domain hostage tactics, putting Russian porn on expired domains bought at Godaddy auctions. He targets domains that were recently up and running as websites.

We can go back and forth all day about what a “responsible” domainer should or shouldn’t do with the expired domains they buy. As I’ve said before I think it’s reasonable to sell the domain back to the user for a reasonable price taking into account the time and money you’ve invested. If you choose to sell the name for an exorbitant price that is completely fine and entirely up to you.

But one thing that gives the domain industry a bad reputation is forwarding the domain to porn in an attempt to extort money from the previous owner.

Now, you could say “ that’s unsavory, but the new owner has the right to do it” and I’ll agree “sure they have that right”, but I don’t think it’s the “right” thing to do. I think it’s an asshole tactic used by douche bags that can’t make money in this industry through the multitude of available ethical avenues.

But what really pisses me off, is when the above named domainer forwards a name, frequented by children, a name that formerly was the site of an elementary school, to Russian porn. Yet again.

Perkins said it was a mistake the first time, and to his credit he quickly removed the offensive forward. I did not mention him by name in the first article or reference the domain in question, until the comments section where he raved on and on and identified himself.

The point of that article was to consider the affects of every action you take and to determine if said actions make you a more responsible member of society or not.  If you’re sales tactics include porn extortion, so be it, but you should make sure you aren’t harming children with your tactic. IF you did it by mistake the first time, just fix it, learn and don’t do it again. 

Doing it a second time  either intentionally or by mistake is bullshit. You should be charged with corruption of minors and labeled a sleazy MF’r. There’s no excuse for it.

So once again, Stu Perkins has forwarded a previously Catholic elementary school website, where kids visit everyday to Russian porn.

His extortion tactics have resulted in numerous articles from around the world that makes the aftermarket domain industry look like a bunch of pervert dickheads. So thank you Perkins for being an ambassador to the world for us all.

Here are some of his media mentions,

The bottom line: be a creepy bottom feeding domainer if that’s your style, but don’t bitch when you get called out for it. In fact stand up with pride and say, “I’ll do whatever I want with the domains that someone else let expire, if it hurts kids well then that’s the fault of the school, they won’t make that mistake again.I’m actually helping people learn”.

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