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I still don’t have a key for my car lol. This is what happens when you try and take the “easy” or cheaper way out. I hate going to the dealer so I usually do whatever it takes not to go. A few months ago I had a problem with the turbo going into limp mode. I could still drive just not very fast up hills. I fixed it eventually, by watching videos and looking through forums. The trouble was the a circuit connection in the waste gate modulator.

I hate going to the dealer because under normal circumstances I can figure out the problem and don’t want to pay the price of legal counsel for a vehicle. Sure they wash it after any maintenance, but the cost is crazy.

There should be at least 2 levels of Mercedes dealers, one for the high rollers, and another for people that like diesel vehicles that will run for 1/2 a million miles.  I mean I’ve got a fricken hitch on mine to pull a “catfishing” boat, probably not your average Mercedes owner.

So I bought a few after market keys. They took 8 days to get here,  this was taking way longer than I wanted. I initially called the dealer who told me I’d have to tow the car to them and wait several days to get a key.

After getting the blank keys I had to find a lock smith that could program it. I finally found one, but he wanted more money than the dealer. I didn’t care at that point, because I’d still have to wait for the dealer to order a key, and the locksmith could supposedly make me one on the spot. The reason It took so long to find the right locksmith, is that there is specific equipment used for the MB smartkey. This locksmith had just bought the equipment for $30K   and never used it.

To make a long story shorter, after 5 hours and numerous calls to his tech support, we determined that my ignition had a “one in a million” circuit board, and a key couldn’t be programmed. So on the way home from work today, I stopped and ordered a new key from the dealer. I’ve now  learned my lesson on keys.

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  1. Couple things on the car thing. First, you blew my mind when you mentioned Mercedes and 1/2 million miles. MB has one of the worst reps for reliability. For that mileage go with Toyota/Lexus. Second, I had a similar conundrum with a Lexus, ie, I needed an extra programmed key on the cheap. Except it only cost $15 for a special pc cable, $20 for a blank key and the TechStream software to program it is available on the net even though it’s only meant for dealers.

    1. I have 350k miles on my mb e300D still runs great. I’ve never heard of an unreliable track record. I have a tundra with 220k miles, so I like Toyota too.

    2. The other thing is I want the diesel cars. I would love it if I could be an old diesel Toyota. They make them but I don’t think they were allowed in the us. I’m talking early 2000’s they might have them now. I had a Jetta for a short minute, that was an unreliable nightmare and hard to work on. I actually have 2 e300D, 96 and 98. The 96 is the one with 350K and the 98 has 280K miles. Like I said they both still run great, They’re not currently on the road because I need new xenon headlight, the other needs glowplugs, they’re not insured. And since I don’t go to the dealer, they just sit there. The only reason I have 2 is because when I hit the guard rail I took the money and bought the second car for parts, then rotated running them both. I put over half of the miles on those cars, they’re big and safe, driving as much as I do, and they get 35MPG. Best part I can burn all kinds of different fuel if I really need to. Jet A, JP8, Kerosene, Home Heating fuel, WVO, WVO converted to Bio, probably a bunch of other things. Just sayin, it’d be nice to have options in a zombie apocalypse

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