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I’m sure everyone has a social media acquaintance that sends them videos or meme’s everyday via private message. I rarely open them because I don’t care what they are. It seems to me that one of the main points of social media is to browse, at your leisure,  everyone loving their lives, listen to their rants, and if you’re in the mood Troll some random friend of a friend just for fun.

If your not doing it this way, you are spamming your “friend” and using the platform just like another email account.

Despite this,  for reasons unbeknownst to me,  I looked at the video that was sent. It was crazy, I’ve added it below. A town in China blowing up from fireworks I think. Around 40 people died, but while watching the video I thought the number would have been in the 10’s of thousands.

So maybe I’ve been looking at it all wrong. Maybe these people are helping me curate the content. Instead of talking crap about the spam, perhaps I should thank them for saving me time.

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The No Bid List  Just in case you didn’t know that being alone meant in was just you  Having no antlers. Doe season is called Antlerless season, and in PA you have to buy Antlerless tags to shoot one. Seems like there’s something you could do with the name.  Is there room for another domain broker? Seems like everyone’s a broker. I’d do it too, but then I never do. Someday  The leader of the cult A competition site Makes me think of feathers or Australia  Are you ever around, or around forever  An office party, or something to do with toning muscles  Back to 100%  Good travel destination name  I can’t believe this one doesn’t have any bids, seems like a good name for an info site that has articles about scientific cannabis studies  A place or places around the world that are peaceful havens with fresh water and palm trees  A pair of names for big honesty  An investigator for hire site. “Are you neighbors stealing your things? You need to have proof, get the proof at  A name with an air of finality, That is how it will be, I Have Spoken  For when you can’t remember something  Now you’re famous  Do your best  Could be a brand, it works anyway. You get an instant logo and name you can envision  Your own therapy  No matter how remote, they’ll find you a nice house  Where the fast cars live

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  1. Just wanted to wish you a happy Xmas from the uk. Am a big fan of the blog and read it every day, including a couple of purchases via your links. Wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.

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