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I started writing this in the comment section of Shane’s post from yesterday about customer service, thought I’d post it here instead so I don’t have to think up something else to write. Work Smarter not harder, or maybe it’s more laziness, it’s a fine line.

My off the cuff guess is that Godaddy is destroying the competition and while they have their problems, they usually take care of domainers and I assume normal customers. This theory assumes that some of the other companies are struggling, or at least not growing, possibly from lack of innovation, vision, along with apathy in the customer service realm.

On any given day they control roughly 50% of the expired .com inventory. The numbers don’t reflect an exact comparison due to expired vs pending delete end dates, but for example there are 40K .com expired auctions that end at Godaddy and the total number of pending deletes are 80K. Godaddy has the first crack at selling that 40K in inventory and TurnCommerce will sell the best of the other 40K.

Couple that with the biggest distribution network and sales platform in Afternic and it’s possible that the other companies are having trouble.

Pheenix is crap

Pool is worthless if it’s even still around ?

Snapnames? anyone use snapnames lately?

Sedo has its own thing going and seems like they’re doing ok, but with the customer service issues cited yesterday, it seems like they’re not even trying to be more competitive with Afternic. I always have intentions of listing everything on Sedo, but I often don’t. I’ve never had even 10% of the sales I do through Afternic. In the past I tried uploading large portfolios and it never worked so I basically gave up. I should probably figure it out. Searching for anything is also a nightmare.

NameJet is now owned completely by it still has a lot of older inventory, and usually has higher end names for wholesale, but the names go to NetSol or, and a few others. They’re always nice when you call them, but the fact that I have to call them is itself poor customer relations.

The fact that hasn’t updated updated any of their antiquated practices makes me skeptical that they give a crap about customer service, or their business for that matter. You would think charging 4 times the amount of any other registrar would make you lose business eventually, and having to wait 3 days for a damn Auth code would make domainers curse their name.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but I think you get the idea.

My main point is that if these companies have no vision to be better, be more competitive or to innovate,  than more than likely that attitude can be found in their customer service.

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5 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, February 16th”

  1. The end game (whether they admit it or not) for most players in this space is to accumulate as many “great” names for their own portfolio as possible. Even godaddy was doing this, right? I’m sure if you could see what the upper management of these companies has in their own portfolios jaws would hit the ground.

    1. Their end game is to make money. Godaddy’s publicly traded, it would be hard for them to “accumulate” names in any way other than buying large portfolios. There are people tracking anything good that expires, so it’s not like they could take names without anyone knowing about it, plus their expired auctions are straight windfall profits. Godaddy doesn’t want to accumulate good names, they want to sell them over and over.

      In my mind it’s imperative for them to keep customers, at least domainers happy, (or at least happy enough not to leave) so as not to lose the inventory to another registrar. Losing inventory means they lose the small margin on renewals, but more importantly they lose the potential expired inventory.

      As far as any of the other company’s I mentioned or not mentioned, I’m not sure if all of them hold portfolios. Turn Commerce obviously has a “huge” portfolio but they also have really good customer support.

  2. My point was they don’t really care about the average domainer and whether they’re happy or not.

  3. Is it me, or is portfolio area of Afternic very kludgey? I can never get to the last page in my portfolio.

  4. Godaddy was keeping names. I forget the name they used but it wasn’t under “godaddy”.
    They are the exception though I agree with you. Because they make so much off public facing things. I’d bet most places like snap, pool, even name jet, there are hidden entities with amazing names. Sure they are allowed to own things but there’s a definite conflict of interest in it.

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